Chris Gardner Presentation Essay

Hello everyone.The person I have chosen for my presentation is Chris Gardner, better known as Will Smith in one of my favorite movies “The pursuit of happiness”. I am very impressed with his real life story of the film and I want to tell you these true-to-life rags-to riches-story now.

I have divided my presentation into two parts: Firstly I want to tell you general information about Chris and secondly something about his way from the floor to the top.

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Chris Gardner Presentation
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Born on February 9, 1954, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his story began as far away from the bright lights of Hollywood as possible. He never knew his father and when his poor albeit (allerdings) loving mother couldn’t afford to look after him, he spent his childhood being shuffled between foster homes (Pflegeheim) and other relatives. After the high school he joined in the U.

S. Navy in the hopes of traveling the world, but wound up never leaving the country.After the Navy, in year 1977, he married Sherry Dyson.

Chris Gardner had a lot of knowledge, experience and contacts within the medical field and he wanted to become a doctor, against the will of his wife.

Three years later, he left his wife because of a student named Jackie Medina and she became pregnant with his son Chris JR. In the sequel, Chris was hired by a friend as a clinical research assistant in San Francisco and became later a medical supply salesman (Verkäufer von Knochendichtegeräte) of product he invented. After a sales call to San Francisco General Hospital, Chris met an well-dressed man in a red Ferrari. The man was a stockbroker named Bob Bridges.

This was the chance. Chris Gardner competed in a job interview and became, after a long voluntary practicum and a hard, homeless time with his son, a stockbroker, too. He perceived the chance and became later, with his own company Gardner Rich a self-made millionaire.

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