Christmas Essay

The word “ Christmas ” is derived from the words “ Christ ‘s Mass ” – the jubilation of the birth of Jesus Christ. But although Christmas is doubtless a Christian jubilation, it is besides true to state that it is an unusual combination of heathen and Christian celebrations.

A Christmas tree stands in everybody ‘s life room at Christmas, reflecting its good cheer around the room. Siting on the really top of the tree is a silver star surrounded by bantam visible radiations. All the subdivisions are hung with Ag bells, tinsel and scintillating visible radiations. Around the base of the tree lie the gifts and playthings wrapped up in bright colorful paper.

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The Christmas tree has spread its influence around the universe. In fact America adopted it before it found its manner to England early in Queen Victoria ‘s reign. Now every Christmas British people are sent a immense fir tree from Norway which stands in Trafalgar Square, in the Centre of London, reflecting down on all the people who gather on Christmas Eve.

In pre-Christian times evergreens, trees that remain green throughout the twelvemonth. were worshiped in Northern Europe as symbols of ageless life. Mistletoe, hung

up as a Christmas ornament is a symbol of love and rapprochement.

Holly, a well-known Christmas ornament today, has Christian associations. In Norse, Swedish and Danish, holly is known as “ Christ ‘s irritants ” , the fable being that Christ wore a Crown of holly irritants before his decease. Some people have seen associations between the word “ holly ” and “ sanctum ” .

Giving nowadayss goes back to Roman Saturnalia when good fortune gifts of fruit, pastry or gold were given to friends on New Year ‘s Day. In Britain the traditional twenty-four hours to give nowadayss until comparatively late was December 26th and non as it is today, Christmas Day. December 26th is now known as Boxing Day, for it was so that the priests of the Middle Ages opened alms boxes to give to the hapless.

Not all Christian imposts and traditions are of ancient beginning. Although assorted people have claimed to hold designed the first Christmas card. William Egley, an English creative person, seems to hold the best claim. In 1842 he designed his ain card and sent it to one hundred of his friends. Today three billion are sent yearly in the United States entirely.

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