Christmas Traditions from Germany - Christmas Essay Example

Hello, I just wanted to give you a summary of your sources

I tried to give you a variety of sources, and below there is a list of those sources and what they are exactly.  There are six sources and one of them is a webpage.  I don’t think that it will be problem with your professor, especially because you have double the number of sources.  If it is a problem the citation can be easily removed.  For the citations


essay sample on "Christmas Traditions from Germany"

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“10 Christmas Traditions from Germany.” German Life January 2000: 39.

This is a  magazine article

(“Christmas”) there isn’t a need to cite a page because there is only one page to the article

“Christmas traditions, symbols have many origins, meanings..” Capper’s December 2003.

This is a magazine article

(“Christmas Traditions”, par 1) “par” refers to the paragraph the citation is from, because there is no page number

Barth, Karl. Christmas. Trans. Bernhard Citron. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1959. Questia. 7 Dec. 2005 <>

This is book

(Barth 29)

Coffin, Tristram Potter. The Illustrated Book of Christmas Folklore. New York: Seabury Press, 1973. Questia. 7 Dec. 2005 <>

This is a book

(Coffin 16)

Lilleystone, Angela. “Xmas.” Angela Lilleystone’s Homepage. 07 Dec. 2005 <>.

This is a webpage which sums up some fun points about german traditions

(Lilleystone) there this page number because it’s a webpage

Naylor, Brian. “Analysis: Christmas around the world.” Talk of the Nation (NPR). National Public Radio, . 12 2002. Transcript. 07 Dec 2005 <>.

This is a transcript from a national radio station about how germany celebrates xmas

(Naylor) there is no page number because it’s an interview.


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