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Christopher Columbus Days

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  • Pages 2
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    The thing I remember most about reading this paper was how surreal the author makes it sound.You just want to keep telling yourself that this could not have happened because of how brutal, and sadistic it sounded.Once you realize that this could be in fact true, you wonder how this could ever happen.It is too appalling.Another thing that stuck out when I read this article was the way the author progressively moved forward in history.He started out talking about the cruel and inhumane treatment toward the native people by Columbus and gradually integrated the same situations with the English in the 1600's and eventually ended with the demise of the Native Americans in Western U.S. and the genocide of Mayan Indian people in Guatemala, El Salvador, and elsewhere.The two questions that popped in to my mind when I read this was I can not this still happens today after all we have to look back on and why do we still view Christopher Columbus as a national hero when he executed thousands of people.Like they say in the article, "the pattern holds" (unfortunately). Since this torture has been going on for centuries, it has created a "monster".The "monster", being the perception of genocide, has engraved the image of Native Americans as being subhuman.It goes back to when George Washington compared them to wolves.It only takes one or two groups of people to demise the image of these people down.Once other people see how these groups treat these people, a perception is created.The minds of people are altered by society.The constant profiling of Native Americans, starting in the Christopher Columbus era, has held throughout history.In a similar scenario, Hitler transformed the minds of Germany in to believe that everyone except their Aryan race was at fault for demise of Germany.Still today, we have hostility toward these groups.In the past 600 years…

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    Christopher Columbus Days. (2018, Feb 02). Retrieved from

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