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Cirtial Lens Antigone and Romeo and Juliet

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  • Pages 4
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    J. W. Von Goethe once said, “No two persons regard the world in exactly the same way…” In this world no two minds are alike, because think about it. If everyone thought the same this place would be a boring place. No one would have preference and most likely things would possibly go by slower, depending on what everyone thinks. J. W. Von Goethe is trying to say not everyone’s reality is the same. For example, people who live in the poorer nations in America.

    They have grown up in poverty and have as much; but in the richer parts what may be normal for them to have, could be a only but a dream for a child less fortunate than they are. J. W. Von Goethe is trying to say that reality is but an opinion, not a fact. Only because we do not grow up around the same things, some of us have it easier and some of us have it harder. But that’s what makes this world an interesting place, but also makes two people regard the world in two immensely different ways. In the short story “Antigone” By Sophocles and “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” By Shakespeare, it shows the differentiation of the thought process between adolescents and adults. What an adolescent may this is the right thing to do will most likely be different towards what an adult thinks, most of the time due to experience.

    I agree with this quote; only because I do think that everyone’s perspective is different. Two people can see an apple on a table and think two completely different things. Which are normal, people tend to interpret things in different ways due to past experiences or important events that have occurred in his/her lifetime. It could have been traumatizing or very beneficial towards a person. I guess you can say a person who has more experience tend to have a more educated outlook on ideas. But young people are known for making mistakes, due to lack of experience.

    In the short story “Antigone” By Sophocles, he shows a vast difference in how people think in the world. They are some completely different, but some of them are somewhat close to thought process. In the book “Antigone” the female protagonist Antigone has lost her brother, and all she wants is a proper burial so that he can be shown some respect to the deceased. Also the king (who is refusing to give Antigone’s brother a proper funeral is his uncle). They are family; but Antigone thinks it’s a good idea to oppose not only the king, but her uncle just to give someone who is already dead a funeral.

    That may be moral (to want a proper funeral) but is it worth risking her life for a dead person? Well at one point Antigone tells her friend that she is going to oppose the king, her friend does not agree with her and she does not think that she should have to do that. It just shows how to people can think so differently, like Antigone thinks it’s the heroic thing to do and the most loyal and respectable; but her friend thinks otherwise. In “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” By Shakespeare, he illustrates the irony and tragedy that can be only taught through experience.

    In which Romeo and Juliet did not have, with them being teenagers. Romeo and Juliet had come from opposing sides of a family feud. Although their families are fighting, the two still fall madly in love, or with lust. Either way the family feud gets in the way or they are not allowed to see each other. Then Juliet comes up with what seems like the perfect plan to solve everything but it turns out that it had backlashed and everything went wrong. What seemed to be a good plan at first was no longer good and they had to pay the consequences with their lives. Being the reader, I thought differently.

    I had thought that they should have just talked things out with the families and tried to have straightened things out. Maybe the maybe they would have been alive. But just like J. W. Von Goethe said, not everyone thinks alike, everyone is different and sees things differently. As J. W. Von Goethe once said “No two persons regard the world in exactly the same way…” In other words nobody thinks or has the same exact ideas about anything, no same concept about reality about how or what is wrong or right; because it comes down to how much experience that person has.

    In “Antigone” Antigone is a symbol towards how people can think differently, she thinks that she should go against her uncle and bury her brother. No one was with her and she still continued on. Also in “Romeo and Juliet” Juliet thinks it’s a good idea to get her and her lovers families together but ends up in the death of them both. Which symbolizes the irony, but also how young age and lack of experience can affect the outlook of a person. Both Sophocles and Shakespeare effectively get the point over that everyone thinks differently, no two people are alike.

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