Civil War Frq Essay

Fought between 1861 and 1865, the American Civil War was the greatest crisis the United States ever faced - Civil War Frq Essay introduction. Many believe that the South never had a chance to win the war because, despite the high level of enthusiasm, the confederate government was not prepared for war at all. As of 1861, the Confederate government had no treasury, almost no navy, and very few resources for warfare. Also, the south had a much smaller population allowing them to enlist only 800,000 soldiers compared to the 2,100,000 soldiers of the Union army.

In the beginning, the south may have been poised to win the war; they had several positive things going for them and were in a good position •At the beginning of the war, the Confederacy had the better army with more talented officers like Robert E. Lee •Another advantage of the south is that they fought on familiar grounds. Most battles were fought in their home states •The south also had the advantage of fighting a defensive war; all they had to do was keep from being defeated.

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•The Confederacy also won some battles in 1861 including the Battle of Bull Run which shows that they could be competitive. And lastly the South had something that the North didn’t, England’s support. England supported the South because they had become dependent on the cotton production. The South lacked the resources needed for modern warfare, and to compete with the Union army. •The Confederate government had no sound national banking system, leaving them at a loss for how to spend money and control their fiscal debts. •The lack of naval power for the south is significant because it takes away one method of battle and exploits a weakness.

The South paid little attention to their lack of war production leaving them with outdated weapons and putting their soldiers at a disadvantage •The difference in population is probably the most important. The 9 million people of the South were no match for the 22 million men in the North. •By the end of the war several the inflation rate had increased 9,000 percent and the confederate currency was almost worthless causing food riots and low morale in 1863. The North’s advantages in the war greatly outweigh the advantages of the South and show why the North won the war. One reason is the ironclads that the Union used to defeat the almost non-existent Confederate navy. •Another advantage of the north is the 22 states v. 11 states which shows the lopsided number of supporters for the Union •The transportation system in the north allowed the soldiers to be transported faster than the Confederate soldiers also allowing them to attack the South.

•The Anaconda plan and the Union naval blockade were also tactics that the union used to take advantage of the South’s many weaknesses. And lastly the Capture of Tennessee and the Mississippi river by the union put them in a dominate position to win the war and gave them control over crucial areas. The South never really had a chance to win the war because they were simply, not prepared for the technology and resources that the Union had access to. The Confederacy was limited to outdated weapons, little means of transportation and a very small army compared to the Union army who was much larger and had access to more modern war technology

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