Class Essay

Class Essay

            Historically, the in the specific American society and the general human civilization, social segmentation according to class is a concept widely and dominantly being applied - Class Essay introduction. Respective societies have their own class segmenting their people according to different significant measurement most dominant among it is the economic value. With this, different social class such as the rich or the elites, the middle class, the workers and the low class or poor can actually observe in the society significantly affecting the other aspects in their lives. This concept is evidently true considering the history of the people particularly the society of the American people as their development was significantly influenced by the social class factor. The mobility across the social class of the American society has particularly caused and influenced the rapid development of their society to what it is at the present. The influence of the concept of social class in the American society signifies largely its important for the said society. This can be observable distinguishable to the people in several  aspect particularly on its symbolic significance to the psychological stability of the people and their optimistic outlook in life as class mobility gives them value for hope, strength and dream.

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            The class mobility across the American society gives the common people great sense of hope. As people often see stories of rapid development in the economic stature of a particular person or family, this gives them the positive chance that the same can happen to them. Thus, people particularly those in the lower class in the society strive harder to alleviate their standing in the society as fueled by their hope to succeed. They diligently use their resources and abilities and maximize their efforts towards making a positive chance hoping to become the high class individuals in the society as they can see a positive chance for it.

            Also, the mobility in the American society also gives the people strength to change their status and work for a better living. Most Americans become goal-oriented and hard workers with the use of this new found strength within them. Most individuals, particularly those coming from the lower class start early with their respective careers and strive to be successful with the use of their talents and abilities. Their hope for developing their social status has given the common people significant strength to push through against the different obstacles in their way.

            In addition, mobility of the social class across the American society has ultimately given the common people the dream for them to succeed. With this, people have gained an open-minded and optimistic outlook in life thus, common people were able to push through their careers and life in their hope to make their dreams of development become a reality. Their dreams for better living have also given the people a source of strength to strive for rapid and effective development making them achieve their dreams of high class living  from low end  beginnings.

            The concept of mobility in the American society with regards to the issue of social class based on economic background can be considered as one of the key factors to the rapid development of their society as one of the leading civilizations in the modern world. As the people hope for improvements and alleviation of their former low stature, they established positive dreams that someday the will become on the other end. Fueled by this passion, they are able to gain strength to push through their life in their desire to make their dreams into reality. With every individual in the society in possession of this passion, the American society has able to achieve a rapid growth in the class as a strong and influential and one of the leading society in the modern world.


Scott, Janny & Leonhardt, David (2005). Shadowy Lines That Still Divide. The New York Times. May 13, 2007.

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