CLass issue in Sport Essay

Coach Carter

A management action can only prove to be effective depending on its capability to exhibit change and satisfying the ethical standards in management - CLass issue in Sport Essay introduction. Seeing this, there needs to be a deeper conception of the management action for it shall affect the way individuals and groups in the future.

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Seeing this type of scenario, I will choose the movie I used in the 3rd module; Coach Carter. The movie exhibits the way one coach used all his power to make his players be the responsible and disciplined persons he wants them to be. In the movie, it showcases “the poor attitudes of his players as well as their dismal play performance, Carter sets about to change both.” (IMDB, 2005) Pursuing the job at Richmond, Ken Carter is faced with different challenges and struggles as a coach. In the end, however, he imparted his players a different set of idea and values that he never thought can happen.

Seeing this, the management action showcased by Ken Carter proved to be too strict and harsh to his players. He set out decisions and rules that proved to be way severe and in a way I described to be one of the reasons why they lost in the 1st round of the semis. “He immediately imposes a strict regime typified in written contracts that include stipulations for respectful behavior, a dress code and good grades as requisites to being allowed to participate.” (IMDB, 2005)

            My management strategy on the other hand also proposes a stricter environment for players. However, what is different from my objective to Ken Carter is by allowing my players to play. By only benching several of my players due to their negligence and not following the rules, I may have the opportunity to be fair with the other members of the team.

            Seeing this, it can be argued that every management for it to be good must pass the ethical standards. This next section tries to analyze my proposed management scheme that should have been applied in Coach Carter to ethical standards. They include (1) value ethics, (2) utilitarian motives, and (3) deontological motives.

            The first part looks in the way such management scheme creates values and ideals among members and individuals. I would have to say that both my scheme and Ken Carters offers to create distinct values; discipline, passion and determination. Though both my scheme and Coach Carter may prove to be harsh and strict, this action has strengthened the values and principles imparted to students.

            The second part looks into the utilitarian motives. It is through this standard that looks into the way such scheme proves to be for the ultimate goal. It is through here that my scheme is different from Coach Carter. It can be argued that the will of the coach in every basketball team is to win and impart to players the importance of a ‘team’. However, in the movie, we see the team losing due to Coach Carter’s decision to prevent the team from playing. If ever, my scheme shall be applied, it might be possible that Richmond may reach the finals.

            The third category seeks to look in an action constituting ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Seeing this, it can be argued that my scheme follows what the society deems to be right. In addition, such action can be more acceptable to players, students, and faculty contrary to the rules and regulations given by Coach Carter which was met with huge criticism. In addition, it can be argued that Ken Carter’s action somehow goes beyond his responsibilities as a basketball coach. It is through this that somehow he seems to bypass and violate the rules contrary to my proposed scheme that exemplifies the strictness of Coach Carter but does not compromise either the status of players and the school institution itself.


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