Classroom observation Essay - Part 3

During my observation of Mrs - Classroom observation Essay introduction. Elliot’s classroom, I noticed extensive use of well-established classroom procedures and classroom management plans.  I also observed positive student/teacher relationships, which were reinforced through both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

I was immediately impressed upon entering Mrs. Elliot’s classroom.  It was apparent that all of her students understood the procedures of the classroom and that Mrs. Elliot’s expectations had been clearly communicated.  Each student worked diligently at his or her assigned task and appeared to be aware of what he or she was expected to do upon completion of the assignment.  At the same time, Mrs. Elliot made herself easily available to her students and circled the classroom multiple times to ensure students understood concepts and to answer questions the students might have.

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While observing Mrs. Elliot’s classroom, it was clear that she had developed a positive relationship with her students.  Her easygoing manner seemed to make the students feel at ease.  Yet, she maintained high expectations for all of her students and set clear boundaries between herself and her students.  She did not appear to be caught in the trap of wanting to be “friends” with her students.  Instead, she commanded respect and gave it in return.

I thought Mrs. Elliot’s manner of classroom management was particularly interesting.  She focused on those students who were doing what they were supposed to be doing rather than on those who were not.  For example, a student who accurately followed her directions received praise and recognition from Mrs. Elliot.  She also used this system to help extinguish undesirable behavior.  During my visit, one student began talking out loud without permission.  Mrs. Elliot reminded the student to raise his hand first, and then praised the rest of the students for staying quiet and for ignoring the other student’s outburst.  This technique seemed to encourage the other students to remain quite because they wanted to gain additional recognition from Mrs. Elliot.

Mrs. Elliot also utilized a “token” system.  With her token system, she rewarded students with fictitious tokens for performing desirable tasks.  Although the students did not actually receive a physical object representing the token, Mrs. Elliot kept track of the tokens for the students.  At the end of each day, she told me she posts how many tokens each student earned for the day.  The students have their own checkbooks in which they can deposit their tokens.  They also have checks, which they use to purchase certain privileges and other goodies provided by Mrs. Elliot.  I thought this system was great because it was a great classroom management tool and it also taught students the valuable skill of keeping, using, and maintaining a checkbook.

During my observation, I witnessed Mrs. Elliot utilize both extrinsic and intrinsic motivational techniques.  This combination appeared to work quite well in her classroom, as all students were actively engaged in learning and seemed to fully understand classroom expectations.


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