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Clergy with sexual abuse should resign
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            Clergy includes priest, nuns, preachers and all other persons involved in the teachings of the Word of God - Clergy with sexual abuse should resign Essay introduction. He must serve as a good example for everyone believing for their church. They are usually required to wear formal white dress to symbolize their purity and cleanliness. Clergy is used to be God’s medium for the people to believe in Him. But what if the clergy would be the first one to disobey what the church want the people to behave?

Celibacy and Morality were two of the virtues being taught by many of the clergy. Celibacy, this is the promise of every priest of the Roman Catholic Church. Not all religion requires their clergy to undergo celibacy. But for every recognized religion of the society, every clergy of any religion teaches morality.

            What if morality which is being taught by the church is being violated not by the ordinary members of the church but by the clergymen themselves? What if for example, the sixth commandment stating that “Thou shall not commit adultery” is violated? What if the promise for celibacy is then replaced with an illicit affair, an illicit affair with a co-member of the church, with a private person and/or with a person belonging to the same sex? What if the clergy would commit even worse act such as rape and acts of lasciviousness? Should he still be connected with the church if ever he would be proven he commit these violations? Should the church act to force the resignation of these clergy people?


The involvement of clergy in sexual abuse would give a great negative impact not only to the clergy that violated the issue of morality but also to his serviced church as well. All what is done by a church’s clergy would reflect to the religious institution as a whole.


Based on the above statements, I would firmly suggest this proposition to all churches – Clergy with sexual abuse should resign.

Grounds for Suggesting the Proposition

            According to an article that appeared on the website of CEASE (Clergy and Educator Abuse Survivors Empowered!), based on source surveys, alarming percentages of clergymen were involved with sexual abuse ( articles_clergy.asp&m=Clergy+Sexual+Abuse&d=%2E%2E%2Fcease%2Fcsa%2Ehtm). Their existence in the church would give rise to the questioning of the integrity of the whole church. Faith of the followers to church would lessen or may even diminish.

A. First reason for these consequences is they were part of the church that teaches the word of God which they had violated. They were the disseminator of the rules set by God therefore they should be the first one to follow. If they would remain part of the church, people would doubt the integrity of the church and its teachings. If someone belonging to the clergy would be proven to commit sexual abuse, even though he had done it only once and then promise to himself that he would not do it again, he should still resign because he would ruin his church.

B. Secondly, they have the power vested by the church to persuade people, they may drag the name of the church. If they would remain in the church, they would make use of their power to fulfill even more their earthly inhibitions. They may abuse their authority that would make the situation worse. If they would resign, then they would not have the chance to abuse the name of the church. Their resignation would then serve as a chance for them to regret what they had done badly in the past.

C. Lastly, other clergy would be tempted to imitate what their fellow clergymen had violated if they would remain to belong in the church. Clergymen that violated morality because of sexual abuse are not a good example for all of us. The people surrounding him especially co-clergymen may then be influence, therefore the church should do an action forcing violators to immediately resign. Church is a sacred institution. Integrity and Morality is what we have known for the church. If the church would have many violators of Morality, then the people would not believe anymore the teachings of the church.

Now that the reasons had been laid down why we should force the resignation of clergy with sexual abuse, I firmly suggest its strict implementation for all case of clergy sexual abuse. Resigned clergy would then face criminal charges as enforced by the State’s law without further affecting the church as a whole.


            Now, to wrap-up, clergy is a powerful figure to human society because they have the vested right to disseminate and give interpretation to the word of God.  If they would abuse their authority and commit sexual abuse, then like any other man, he should be punished because of the presence of God and the State laws. In order that the church would not be furthermore used by the clergy that violated, the church should then force that clergy to resign.  If this would not be done, the integrity and morality of the church would be in question and its followers would then doubt the church. Followers of the church make use of the clergy as their model. It would not be proper if their model would be the one to first violate their teachings for good behavior. Therefore, based on all of the above statements, clergy with sexual abuse should resign.


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