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Closing Argument on the Defentants

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I John Adams is here today to address the jury of the innocence of the men that were involved in the killing of 5 civilians. On March 5, 1770 a riot broke out on the streets of Boston causing mayhem; British soldiers arrived on the scene to find the civilians out of control, and in order to gain order knowing the risk that was being taken they put their lives in danger to get a furious mob under control. No one man deserves to have his life taking and neither does he deserves to have it threatened and that is exactly what these men were experiecneing as they stood befor a raging crowd of civilians as they tore threw the streets of Boston.

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Closing Argument on the Defentants
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To have you’re life threatened is just as bad as having it taken away from you ; Iam not saying that what they did was right but Iam saying that they were given no other choice considering the circumstances they were put under it was either kill or be killed and if they had not made the decision to take out the threat it would be civilians here today instead of these soldiers, If you were put in their shoes would you have not made the same choice? r is it just these soldiers who find that their life is valuable enought to protect? They were harassed, objects were thrown at them and they were threatened.

Please allow these men to have a fair trial and please do not pass judgement upon them for they felt that they were doing something in defence of them selves as for every one of the world wants to be protected and when ever they feel threaten they will react the same way these men did.

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