Coca Cola Essay

Coca cola, imported from india was first introduced into Nepal in 1973, with local production of coca-cola beginning in 1979.
Bottlers Nepal Limited (BNL) is the only bottler of coca-cola products in Nepal, and has two bottling plants; namely Kathmandu (bottlers neapl limited- BNL) and Bharatpur (Bottlers Nepal (terai) Limited,) which is 160 km from Kathmandu, its capital.
The marketing, sales and distribution strategy for bottlers Nepal limited is entiled “Refresh the Marketplace” and includes:
A robust consumer response system to address any consumer/ customer concerns, ideas.

Suggestions – either on product and its quality or on stock supply – ideas, suggestions – either on product and its quality or on stock supply – maintenance of equipment etc. all consumer concerns are dealt with in a fair timely and friendly manner, so as to satisfy them and resolve their concerns. Marketing and advertising communications are focused on POS , radio, TV, hoarding, truck backs, etc Emphasis is also placed on Consumer Price to enforce Price Compliance.
Marketing and advertising communications are customed to suit to local sentiments – social, religious, ethnic.

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Innovation packages and pack sizes are offered to give better value to consumers and ease of storage to retailers. Prices and packages are introduced in a format that is affordable to all segments of society.

General information
Population: 27,5 million (28.9million as of july 2007 estimates)
GDP Per capita (purchasing power parity): US$ 1.5 million (estimated and not exact )
Location: Kathmandu and Bharatput
Employees: 469
Number of MDC’s: 32
Job creation – multiplier effect : +- 10, 000
Local operating name: Bottlers Nepal Ltd
2 Bottling plants.

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