Coca-Cola Case Study - Part 3

Discuss the Organizational Culture of Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola Case Study introduction. Is it a strong culture? Why? The culture of the Coca-Cola organization is mission driven; focused on refreshing the mind, inspiring optimism, and making a difference. The rich history of the organization has allowed the company to compile hundreds of stories of consumers and employees. These stories share real life examples of what Coca-Cola Company that they created a museum in Las Vegas that focuses on the stories of customers.

After visitors heard others’ stories they could record their own, which the company could use in the future. The company has been trying to change the culture by allowing employees to essential shape and reform the goals of the Coca-Cola Company positive stories that the company chooses to focus on provide a foundation to encourage employees to be not only model workers but model citizens. What information in the employees’ comments relate to the core job characteristic Skill Variety?

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Is the level of Skill Variety high or low? Explain the impact of this. Skill Varity is how the job includes different activities and uses multiple skills and talents of the employee. According to the comments given by the employees, they are able to take their new challenges that allow them to grow, learn and explore. They are given the freedom to use their own skills and talents to help to make Coca-Cola successful and to be a part of a winning team. There are even broader opportunities for personal and professional growth. Employees at Coca-Cola are able to use the many talents and skills that they have and therefore the level of Skill Variety is high. What information in the employees’ comments relates to the core job characteristics of Autonomy? Is the level of autonomy high or low? Explain the impact of this. Autonomy is the degree that the job provides the employee with substantial freedom, independence, and discretion in scheduling the work and in determining the procedures to be used in carrying it out.

Coca-Cola Company looks for individuals who want to make a difference, develop and inspire others, drive innovative ideas and deliver results, and who live our values. According to the employees’ comments they have the freedom to make decisions that allow them independence to succeed at their job. According to Hector “I feel rewarded as there are many challenges, which allow me to grow, learn and explore. ” The level of autonomy is high at Coca-Cola and the impact makes it a place where the employees like to work and feel a part of the team.

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