Coca Cola vs Pepsi Essay

            Coca Cola and Pepsi are the most popular soft drinks worldwide today, and also the biggest competitors in its industry - Coca Cola vs Pepsi Essay introduction. These carbonated drinks offers a unique taste that makes consumers want for more. Both drinks never fail to satisfy its consumer’s thirst, and also give the same refreshing feeling. Though Coca Cola and Pepsi are thirst quenchers and both drinks have many similarities, these two soft drinks are unique and different from each other.

            There are many aspects to be compared in these two drinks, first is the physical attributes like the packaging, the logo and its advertisements. These are the attributes that can be seen by the eye. The next aspect is the content, specifically the taste of the soft drink and also includes the ingredients used. The way they got their names are also different from each other. Coca Cola was made of coca leaves and kola nuts, from the names of these two main ingredients the name of the drink or company was obtained. While the Pepsi was not named after the ingredients it was made of. If the period of operation is asked, Coca Cola was the first to operate than the Pepsi. The logo of the two beverage used attention getter colors which are red and blue, Coca Cola used red for both its logo and packaging that is more effective than the blue color used by the Pepsi. Because the red color suggests action from its viewer, it is a stimulant and makes consumers react to it than the blue color which is calmer. When it comes to packaging both products can be bought in bottle (glass and plastic) and can, Coca Cola has a “contour bottle” that makes the drink easier to hold while the Pepsi have an ordinary glass bottle. But Pepsi also released an easy-grip bottle that has larger middle area that is rougher to have a longer grab. The advertisements of Coca Cola focus on the image of it as the number one choice around the globe. The Pepsi advertisements on the other hand competes with the Coca Cola ads by a challenging on the spot taste test, they also target younger generation and claims that they are preferred by the next generation.

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            The content of the two drinks are almost similar, the Coca Cola and Pepsi both have kola nuts, vanilla, carbonated water and sugar. Both soft drinks also have caffeine content. But each drink has its own formula or mixture which varies from the amount added in it that affects its taste that gives each soft drink a unique quality, though having the same color but different in some elements. Like Coca Cola, one of the ingredients that the Coca Cola have that Pepsi does not have is coca leaves. While Pepsi uses vanillin instead of vanilla. According to taste test, many consumers prefer Pepsi because of the reason that it is sweeter that the Coca Cola brand. Coca Cola and Pepsi also offers variations of their product, it varies from flavor up to sugar content. Coca Cola have Diet Coke that comes in different flavors and Pepsi have Diet Pepsi that has other kinds too like Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi. Each Coca Cola product has a counterpart in Pepsi and vice-versa. Coca Cola is very popular around the world as well as Pepsi, in some places Coca Cola is the top soft drinks and in some areas also Pepsi is the one that is prefer. The market share of both soft drinks varies depending on the place it was distributed. Culture, tradition, weather and other factors affects the decision of a consumer whether what to pick between the two. In every place, everyone have its own different preferences. These preferences determines what drink fits them; it could either be Coca Cola or Pepsi. This kind of competition mainly benefits the consumers, due to tight competition these companies are forced to reinvent their product or even create another product that will satisfy the people. The result of these is more choices for the consumers and high quality products, sometimes product created out of these competitions was beyond the expectations or needs of the consumers. Whether what is the best or not, the decision on choosing what will be the best is always on the hand of the consumers. The decision what to choose or what to drink is made by the consumers, it just depends on the preference and judgment of a person on a product or brand.

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