Cognitive Conservatism Essay

Cognitive Conservatism

Mary Guilbeaux’s Audition Response

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Cognitive Conservatism
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            Mary Guilbeaux’s audition for American Idol is a perfect example of cognitive conservatism - Cognitive Conservatism Essay introduction. The influence of others on her self-concept made her believe that she would perform successfully in front of the judges. Upon facing the truth about her talent, Mary’s self-concept is challenged.

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            Mary arrived to her American Idol audition with a wrong image of herself. Her self-awareness is based on twisted feedback from her friends, which consequently gave her the confidence to believe she had the ability to pursuit a singing career. As she sings, she truly believes that she is doing an excellent performance, and it is until the judges find otherwise that cognitive conservatism begins to take place.

            As the judges deliver new and contradictory information about her voice, Mary starts to face the truth about her high self-concept. In her case, cognitive conservatism peaks when her talent is being challenged; she shows signs of incredulousness as she tries to hold on to her mistaken beliefs. Her self-awareness, however wrong, is very strong and she refuses to believe that the judges do not share her friends’ opinion about her singing. It’s because of cognitive conservatism that her first reaction is to think the judges are not actually serious on their conclusion.

            When Mary steps out of the stage is that she finally accepts the truth. She is angry about the way the judges treated her, but most importantly, her self-awareness changes and admits that her friends have been wrong and that she does not have the talent that would take her to Hollywood.


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