Cold War study guide Essay

What is the symbolism of the term “Iron Curtain”? Line separating Eastern (Communism) and Western (Not Corn. ) Europe 2. What decisions were made at Yalta, and what role did they play in the emergence of the Cold War. Allies would remove industrial machinery, railroad cars, and other equipment from Germany as reparations. And the polish government would be set up by the Soviets they promised it’d be free elections but they broke their promise and that created a lot of tension.


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Cold War study guide
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Why did the allied victory and the creation of the United Nations not lead to a more peaceful world as President Roosevelt had hoped? Because the US and Soviet Union became hostile toward each other. 4. What was the Cold War and who did it involve? Hostility between post WWW superpowers. United States and Soviet Union. 5. Describe how the Cold War was fought. Arms race- Space race- Sports (Olympics) and Movies- Truman Doctrine- support countries that don’t become communists Marshall Plan- Without it there can be no political stability or peace.

NATO- If one or more of them in Europe are attacked that each of them will assist in whoever being attacked. What is Khrushchev view of IIS actions? According to Khrushchev what will happen? They are hypocrites and another war will happen. What impact did arm race have on the world? A lot of damage, fear and lack of trust. How do these “satellites” in the Warsaw pact provide a buffer for the Soviet Union? They all are communist and surrounding the Soviet Union.

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