College Athletic Programs

According to Alvin Sanoff, a writer for U.S. News and World Report Magazine, “More than 120 colleges since 1980 have been disciplined by the NCAA for breaking their strict recruiting rules, making under the table payments to student athletes and engaging in assorted other violations of its regulation”(Sanoff).  In addition, to the money that is being thrown in the athletes face, students are sometimes told that good grades will be rewarded in return for their commitment to the school to play ball.  Not every college professor is guilty of doing this; grade changes happen mostly at major colleges and universities.  This type of atmosphere is unethical and against everything that a college is supposed to stand for.  Therefore, we cannot blame the athletes; it is our shameful greediness too win at all costs.

            Surprisingly enough, college presidents should know how to balance their funds between academics and sports.  Rising expenses have forced some colleges to terminate their athletics programs completely.  This in part is due to some of the schools that have to pay a six-figure coaches salary.  Whatever happened to the good ole days when coaches did it all for the glory like Paul “Bear” Bryant?  The other reason is that athletic programs concentrate more scholarship money toward their athletes than anyone else.  This is bad because some possible students out there are not getting the same opportunity at an education simply because they do not posses any athletic ability.  On the other hand, is success measured by how much money the college spends on its athletics program?  It could be argued that colleges and universities not spend any extra money at all, so that their academic programs will not suffer.  Sports are good for a college but education should have first priority.

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Furthermore, it is not uncommon to see athletes that are caught in different proceedings. Cases include murder, rape, theft and other acts of violence.  It is possible that the sports themselves cause the athlete to be aggressive and brutal, but some just feel like they are above the law.  Perhaps because the crimes they commit are usually never reported or the charges have been dropped.  There were many occasions this football season where athletes of opposing teams literally fought after a game because one of them was unhappy with the results.  Colleges cut way too many corners for athletes which could be the reason that athletes are still committing crimes on the professional level too. It is not too late for colleges to take a stand on this issue.  They need to enforce serious punishment or start discontinuing scholarships altogether.  Work shops and various programs could be organized to educate the students on violence and the consequences that may follow.

            In conclusion, with the growing passion of achieving success in college sports schools must not stray from their main objective.  College programs should supply students with a full education and not short-change them just to become a sports powerhouse.

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