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Career in the Future – Personal Story

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Though, as of this point in my life, I do not yet know what career I would like to pursue, or even what general field I would like to study or work in. I do have certain goals that I know I shall work to attain. These goals are fairly common among most people. Such as the goal of financial security, and financial ability to support a family; the goal of continuous intellectual and physical competitiveness; as well as a goal of general well being, and happiness.

In America, many people with these goals go to a college or university in order to achieve them. Their path has been proven to be effective, and so I too have chosen to go to college. I have learned that unfortunately colleges vary to great degrees, and that some will not satisfy me in achieving my goals. Because I must choose one college above another, I have compiled a set of requirements that I would like the college that I attend to fufill.

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Career in the Future – Personal Story
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My primary requirement for a college is that it have a broad program base, so that I may best discover and choose a career path that I would enjoy following. As well as a schools course selection, their actual facilities and physical resources are also important to me (such as library, computer rooms, workout facilities and other buildings).

Ideally I would like to go to a medium or large sized college, because they generally best fufill this requirement, as well as they often have many career resources and connections. However a well equipped smaller college may also appeal to me. In regards of location, I would like to stay in the Northeast. I enjoy the cooler climate, and winter sports, and I would also like to be within six hours of home. Not to mention (actually I am mentioning, but whatever) the fact that my girlfriend is probably going to attend a SUNY school, and I would like to have the opportunity to continue our relationship.Though these requirements are rather broad, they are certainly not concrete. The college that I go to may indeed fufill all of these requirements, or may very well fufill none. As of right now these are only ideas of what I am looking for in a college, however a very different college may just find me, and I am very open to that possibility.

One school that I have been seriously considering is Alfred University of upstate New York. The reason I began to look at the school is because it appeared to be a school that may accept me (even with my grades). I first heard of Alfred at the school College Fair. The lady who was representing the University was nice enough to make me actually want to do more research on the school. Although it does appear my average of an 81 (and probably falling) may be a bit low, my new sat score of 1910 (old 1310) seems to get the job done. The lady representing Alfred said that I would get in with an 80, and my first SAT score, an 1890. The Princeton Review online states that the average sat score of acceptance to Alfred is an old 1190. The reason that I am now truly interested in Alfred is the positive reviews I have read of it on the internet, as well as the broad range of academics that Alfred is reported to cater to. Though they are most known for their Engineering school they also have a very comprehensive 25 major liberal arts program, including criminal justice, economics, human studies, education (up to high school level), psychology, and the social sciences, all of which interest me. They also have a business school in which I would most likely consider as either a minor, second major or maybe (not likely) my first major. The most negative thing that I have read about Alfred, is that it is out in the middle of . guess. NOWHERE!!!

However despite the capital letters I don’t think that I would truly have too much of a problem with that, considering I have a two hour commute each morning, which I don’t mind, how bad could it be. Plus if it really is in the middle of nowhere, there absolutely has to be a ski mountain around for winter time.

Now comes the reach school, Northeastern University. I went to visit Northeastern on a college trip up to Boston to visit B.C., B.U., and Northeastern. I liked B.C. a lot but don’t really have any chance in making it, didn’t like B.U. (but again didn’t have a chance), and liked Northeastern a lot too. Though the people there who showed us around did indeed make me feel like I had a chance in getting in, when I got home to look at that damned Naviance I no longer felt good about my chances, but absolutely horrid. Now after taking the SAT twice I do indeed look better than just my PSAT showed, but my chances are still quite slim. The average GPA from Bronx science accepted is about an 87 and the avg. SAT a 1320, placing me “inside the box” (you know on Naviance, that damned square). The worst part about it though, isn’t that I’m in the box, its that the place that is directly around my space within the box is devoid of acceptances, but full of rejections. This point of realization was also the one in which I desperately wished I could go back in time to develop some sort of unique or necessary talent in some instrument, or something which might make me different from those rejections. However, that wish was not granted and I certainly am not counting on it. I really like the school, the location, the dorms the grounds cafeteria, people, and pretty much everything I saw about Northeastern. So I have decided to apply even if the only way in which I could possibly get in is from some freak accident or mix up.

The last school that I have been really considering is Villanova University in Pennsylvania. This school could also be considered a reach for me, a supposedly liberal and less than academically average Bronx Science student. Villanova University as many liberal arts colleges do, have a “core curriculum”set focusing on the Liberal Arts and Humanities. This set of courses is supposed to supply you with a base for learning on which to build, and is meant to endow their students with a well rounded outlook upon life. This core curricula is required of all students entering Villanova. Though this is a centerpoint of student exhasperation and grief over the school, I think I would enjoy the courses of this system, as well as the extra time before, or delay of the necessary decision of picking a major. The main drawback of the school is that it’s made for the Catholic, rich, white, polo loving kid(its called Vanillanova), and is noted by all for having absolutely no ugly chicks(emphasis theirs throughout; I know that since I’m a guy this is supposed to be a good thing, but I don’t particularly like rich and snooty girls who think that their perfect anyway, and that is what having “only hot girls” generally entails). Though many people love the school, some just don’t fit in and end up hating it. Although I do not believe that I am in fact a perfect fit for the school, especially since I don’t really like the typical student all too much, I do believe that it may give me an enjoyable and academically sound as well as fulfilling experience.

Also my brother is a good example for me of a kid who doesn’t quite fit the bill, but is having a great time anyway. Though my brother attended Catholic high school and is supposedly a conservative (I know he’s really a flip-flopper), he is also a genuine hippy(or at least a wanna-be). He listens to hippy and rock music all day, really considers and actually believes in some liberal ideals, wears almost exclusively hippy era band shirts and plays his guitar all the time. Despite this striking difference between him and the average rich white polo loving guy, who only dates snobbish supermodel girls who are noted for being extremely prevalent in the school, my brother has found many good friends, and is basically friendly with everyone. I know this because I went to visit him for a long weekend, and saw how he unites his three floor dorm of jocks-1st floor(his floor), hot girls-2nd floor and the more nerdy or individual guys on the 3rd floor. This situation was probably mostly because of the unique person that my brother is, but it shows that the divisions that are prevalent in the school between the “cool kids” and the “individuals” can be overcome. I do believe that if I were to attend I would in fact be able to make friends in both categories, and have an all around good time. Oh yeah, and here is a list for the outline: In conclusion, I would like to go to an academically challenging and fulfilling school, which will aid me in selecting and succeeding in a future career. At the same time I want to have a good time in college, which is what many people believe the most important aspect of college.

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