College Living Conditions

College Living Conditions

            When getting into college, it is not only important to carefully consider the courses and programs to get into, much more the extra-curricular activities that will enhance the theories from class. These are not the only important decisions to make. There are also about the living conditions while completing a college degree. The choices are living at home, a single apartment, and housing with a group of friends. The first is the most logical choice.

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            Living at home brings the comfort of a working and living environment. It is a territory many take advantage of as a house can never replace a home. The ambiance long used to can help with the productivity with school activities. Furthermore, there will be someone to share the home expenses with. There would be less hassle with keeping the home tidy. Of course, there could also be a dependency on the parents as they would seem to continue taking care of their child. There could also be a cross of privacy. But rules can be set for the between and parents and the child, and within himself.

            If this does not seem to work, another option would be to rent a single apartment. It will be something to call your own. The student can choose their own designs, their own pace of keeping the place together. They have better security when it comes to their privacy. They can set their own rules in keeping everything in place. However, keeping the place might hinder the balance between school and maintaining the rent. Money might become an issue. The idea of living back at home can be fierce. It can lead to a different kind of distraction and loneliness that prohibits due attention at school.

            When the single apartment does not work as well, there is also the option of living in a house full of your friends. With having friends around, a comfort different from living at home can be felt. There will be the presence of friends who can be trusted. Issues and other concerns that are off limits to parents can be openly shared with them. They are companions to live with. On the other hand, as much as they could inspire, they could also strongly distract a student from their studies. They call it peer pressure. When that happens, other issues can rise and friendships can break. It is still different when living with your friends, having different interests, and different courses in school. Ideas can clash and get in the way of rational thinking.

            In conclusion, living at home is still the better option. Other people might gossip about having to live with parents while still in college. But they ideas they talk about does not have to hinder a student from completing their degree. There are more important students who would matter in your growth. There are more important people who you can work with. They might tease harshly, but one can simply imagine that these bullies would have wished going to college and having a home to go to after. It is not just a space, but a welcoming.

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