College Rules

what should you major be in
something you are comfortable with
what shouldn’t you do when choosing a career
what college reasorces do you have
tutoring center, counseling, and your professors
how should you address your professors
Dr. Or Professor
should you select a specific major or a general major
general major

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should you figure out your teachers?
why should you figure out your teachers
you can better understand the class
how should you study
study for the test your going to take like multiple choice
why should you talk with former students
they will let you know what the teacher expects and what you will have to do
what is the SQ3R
survey, question, read, recite, review
how many classes should you take?
only as many as you can handle
what will help you decide a major
talk to everyone you can about the major you want to go into
what should you do with your syllabus after you finish your class
keep it in a safe place if you plan to transfer
what does your syllabus contain
information on your course, what your teacher expects you to be doing, and what you will be learning about that semester
how can the syllabus help you with your professor
it outlines what they expect and what type of teacher they are
what should you do at the start of class
be prepared to take notes and pay attention
how should you take notes
everyone has there own style on taking notes. chose one that best suites you
why should you avoid using laptops or phones
they are major distractions
whats the best way to study
self test
can you modify your notes
yes and it is recomended to do so
why should you write out your goals
your remember them better and people who write out there goals tend to do them
how should your goals be
they shoudl be measurable
should your goals be beyond your reach
yes but only slightly
whats one of the hardest things to do for college students
staying motivated through the semester
how can you stay motivated
set goals each day so you know what you have to do
why should you show up to class that doesn’t require attendance
you cant learn if your not there and you will do bad on your test
what is a internal source
doing something to make you feel good
what is a external force
doing something that rewards you
how can you find your inner learner
making small changes to your perception of learning
whats a major difference between college and highschool
self responsibility
if you want to be strong in school what should you do
start off strong
whys should you get motivated for college
it will help you keep your grades up and it will help you make it through the semester
why should you become friends with your professors
if you need a letter of recommendation, you need to know who’s writing about you
how can you talk to your proffessor outside of class
make an appointment to see them
usually have a masters or doctorates and are the new professors
usually have a doctorates degree and help out around the campus
usually has a doctorates degree and helps out around campus and outside of campus
meets all the requirements to fulfill the position and has some credible work to there name
what changes do you have to make when you start to go to college
emotional, socially, financially, domestically, and academical changes
what should all students do
take advantage of what there college has to offer
why should you learn about technolgy
your professor use technology daily and expect you to know how to use it
what can online classes offer
more flexible schedual
if you have a online course what should you do
check your class daily and keep up on your work
why should you be careful when your online and back your assignments up
cyber security is a major concern and you could lose all your documents if there is a breach
how should you find help
seek it out and don’t wait for it to come to you
when should you seek help
anytime you have a question or you are confused, you should seek help out
what is the forty-hour mindset
dedicate at least forty-hours to academics each week
how should you plan
anticipate and plan, break task down, cross things off, and don’t procrastinate
what should you do if you find yourself not having enough time
stop going on social media or video games
what do successful college students have
willful, skillful, curious, and open minds
to be a good college student you need to do what
be good at time management
what is knolege
knowing a fact and using that fact in different area
what gets in the way of students leanring
students give up to quickly or they believe what they are learning is not worth there time
is knowledge simple fact
knowledge is more than simple facts. its understanding the facts and how to use them
were should you study
somewhere you can focus
if you study area has to many distractions, what should you do
either move locations or get rid of the distractions in your study area
when should you study
depending if your a morning or night person, you should study the time that best suits you
what should you do time wise when it comes to studing
plan ahead and set time aside to study
what should you do if you come across a word you don’t know
take the time to learn that word and what it means
how can you learn what a word means
context, the dictionary, and word structure
what does owning a word mean
understanding the meaning of the word and also knowing the connotative meaning to the word
how can you actively learn new words
use games or apps that use words to help you learn new words in a fun way
before you just dive into reading what should you do
look through what you have to read and the purpose for you reading this
how should you read
you should actively read and don’t just follow the words with your eyes. pay attention
what is annotation
summarizing what you just read on the margin of the paper in your own words
how can annotation help you
you can use the annotation to study and test yourself on how much you know
when your read online, is it the same as reading a book
no, reading online should be approached differently
what should you be doing when your reflect
think about the information and make an effort to understand it
what happens when you rehearse
you build on your long term memory, helping you keep the information longer
what happens when your review
when your review, you work to keep the information in your memory. this helps your remember information before you need it
what happens when you monitor
it lets you know what you know well and what you don’t know
how should you study for a objective exam
know the subjects that will be discussed more than just facts. actually know what the subjects are
why do you want to know what type of test you are taking
there are different ways to study for different quizzes, and there are different tips for each test
when you don’t know an answer, what should you do
try to guess in a organized way
why should you evaluate your proformances
it will help you not make the same mistakes as before
how do online exams differ from regular exams
online exams may have certain rules that are different from regular classes
before your exam, how should you study
distribute your studding, don’t just cram it in
when taking a exam what should you do
try to focus and relax and don’t worry what your classmates are doing
when studying for a final exam or midterm how shoudl you study
you should study from most recent to oldest
should you study in groups for midterms or final exams
yes. it will help you get information you may have not thought of
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