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College Survival Course Overview

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  • Pages 3
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    Course Description: This course is an introduction to college life. Offered to incoming adult learners, this course is designed to help these learners make a smooth transition to college by introducing the students to the world of higher education and by developing their skills necessary for success in college and beyond. The college survival seminar shall be worth 10 hours.


     The students of CS101, as could be noticed in the lesson plan, are to undergo a number of assessments. It should be recalled that the students are to acquire skills on the following: personality typology, research skills, critical thinking, oral presentation, classroom graded recitation, self-assessment, five-part reading, note-taking, test-taking, answering worksheets, and arranging exam schedules. Each of these skills necessitates an assessment as all the parts require students to answer worksheets at the end of each presentation.

    On top of these worksheets, students are also to be assessed on their success to do specific tasks for each skill. Thus for the personality typology part the student shall be required to first figure out his/her personality type and later on determine the learning strategy suitable to his/her personality type. As for research skills, the students are to be tested on their ability to look for good academic materials on sample topics given by the teacher.

    In critical thinking, the students are to answer problems given certain case studies. In oral presentation, the students are to undergo mock graded recitations. In five-part reading, the students are to be tested on their comprehension based on the skills learned in five-part reading. In note-taking, the students are required to make effective notes. In all the topics, the students shall also be assessed based on class participation.

    The students are to be monitored within a span of 2 years. A mentor is to be assigned to each student who will have the task of aiding the student in regularly assessing and evaluating the student’s performance. After 2 years, the students who successfully completed CS101 are to be assessed and evaluated against other students who did not enroll in CS101. The students shall be summatively evaluated through their academic performance and achievements in contrast with other students.


    The seminar shall be assessed in the middle and at the end by the participants/students. The students are to be given survey forms that assess the usability of the seminar and its efficacy in imparting new skills to these participants. A space shall also be provided for the participants to give their comments. These surveys shall be used to formatively evaluate the seminar and eventually adjust the existing seminar.

    Aside from student evaluation at the end of the seminar which is mainly used to adjust the class, the seminar shall have a summative evaluation every two years, along with the summative evaluation of the students. At this stage, surveys and focused-group discussions on the participants, mentors, and the instructors of the participants shall be utilized to assess and eventually evaluate the seminar.

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