Colorado State University Essay

Colorado State University

            My name is Rashad Abdulghani and I came from Saudi Arabia - Colorado State University Essay introduction. Through my personal experiences, and the knowledge and skills acquired as a student, I was able to discover my potentials and determine what I really wanted to take up for college. My passion for numbers and business has affected my decision to take up accounting. I wanted to transfer from Prince Mohamed University, Khobar Saudi Arabia to Colorado University to reach my dream of becoming a successful accountant someday.

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            In order for me to bridge the gap when it comes to language barriers, right after studying high school at AL-Saad National School, I attended International Language Institute (ILI) in Halifax Canada. The International Language Institute (ILI) in Canada gave me a comprehensive academic program designed for international students like me whose primary language is not English. The program really improved my overall educational experience. ILI taught me to become proficient in understanding, reading, writing, and speaking English.

I finished the said program after six months and I am proud to say that my knowledge and use of the English language has really improved because of ILI. Completing the program has also increased my confidence. I feel that I can now be accepted in any of the top English universities where I can improve my English fluency.

            I enrolled at Prince Mohamed University, the newest and the first American university in Saudi. I chose to study in this university because I know that I will be able to further my knowledge and use of the English language and put it into practice. Because English is a universal language, I believe that fluency in this language will make me more competent in the field of accountancy in the future.

Although I believe in this university’s capacity to teach me the necessary knowledge and skills, I know that Colorado State University can offer me better opportunities than the former. Being exposed to more English speaking students and mentors will help me be more coordinated with the language as well.

I am really motivated to succeed and I already envision myself going to CSU and learn the fundamentals of accounting and its application. It would be an honor to be a part of this university as it produces the best professionals and recruits the most responsible and finest students.

Given the confluence of my personal and professional interests, my goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant and specialize in managerial accounting. Aside from my interest in dealing with numbers, I have always liked the process of coming up with sound decisions. I enjoy analyzing and interpreting data and selecting the best alternative. Thus, I would like to establish a career that involves making corporate decisions and strategies. Specifically, given the opportunity, I aim to become a financial executive or consultant.

I believe that the academic program and school activities at CSU will definitely ease the path towards reaching my goal. This university also offers wide academic school resources that can surely help augment my knowledge and widen my perspectives. I am familiar with and have confidence in the credibility and expertise of the professors who can surely help me become a successful accountant.

            I feel that this is the right time for me to take a big step towards my true goal. I am well disciplined, I have enough determination, and I have the right mindset to take any challenge that lies ahead. I also have the commitment to pursue and apply the knowledge and skills that Colorado State University will impart on me that will drive me through the years to come. I look forward to my future with great anticipation.

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