Colorism Amongst Black Teens

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Colorism is a dark side to the internal prejudice acts or attitudes against our own brothers and sisters. Colorism is a seed of deceit, a silent hatred that divides us as a nation, race and as a people. We were given equality by our four founding fathers declaration through our constitution. We have a right to be different, wear the skin of various shades, and be respected for who we are. We have the right to be treated fairly, justly represented, but yet we still suffer to acknowledge that the darker the skin the more you don’t fit in. Colorism vigorously widespread throughout the world. Many cultures experience their stigmas. Colorism is defined as discrimination among your own race. The discrimination is based on the shades of the color of your skin. I chose this topic because there are so many people who discriminate against each other. It is aggressively widespread in the black community. Colorism has affected friends, peers, family, and also myself personally. Society has allowed us to believe that the lighter you are the better you look. The point of this personal project is to bring attention to the slogan “all black is beautiful.” The goal of this is too let black people be aware of how they have become colorist amongst each other. They are defining each other’s beauty by the standard of being closer to White. The world has allowed everyone to believe you have to possess straight hair, not kinky hair and have bright light skin. Many people have decided to bleach their beautiful dark skin because they feel as if they would only be accepted in the world of beauty by being light skinned. In many countries bleaching creams for skin is illegal but people still sell these illegal products. The world does not teach young kids to feel beautiful in their own skin. My project is different from the world. Every teen Is beautiful no matter what shade they are.

In my brainstorming of topics, I decided that I would do cancer. This was my first choice because of the personal experience I just recently had with the subject matter. I began working diligently to prepare facts figures and actual survivals in statistic rates for people who did struggle with different types of cancer. My number one reason for choosing cancer as a topic is because, on May 19th, 2018 We buried my uncle who lost his life to cancel. I thought that this would be a good informative way to enlighten others around us about cancer how it is treated and how patients and people struggle with the disease. I wanted to get a perspective on how families cope and deal with the changes and how they affect the children of the family member that is struggling or have passed because of the illness. I wanted to do this project but it was still grief and pain and lack of understanding. Although I was interested in the topic I did not give it the full undivided attention I have never actually experienced the long journey and how the ups and downs a cancer patient goes through. My personal experience was that we found out a month prior to death and didn’t really have time to go through all of the procedures. We as a family was unaware that my uncle had the disease in his lungs. It was at the end oh is disease why is spreading over his body until the brain that was made for wear to us. I decided that my second choice of topic colorism will be something that I could enjoy lift my spirits and get my peers actively involved.

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In order to complete the assignment, I had to connect with an instructor of any study that will support and influence my aspiration to explore and create a product and project that will be an eye-opener and impact anyone that is willing to open their minds to the realities of our black African American culture. I chose mademoiselle Espanol to view my topic the First Choice cancer and my alternative colorism which I told her I strongly wanted to present and research. Mademoiselle and I look at the pros and cons and decided together that colorism will be very informative and the possibilities are endless for researching the topic of Interest. My first instinct was to take this topic of interest because as a light-skinned young black African American Teenager I have seen colorism in my Society, schools, businesses and among families. I periodically met with my supervisor to brainstorm my direction on the topic because it is so many avenues that I could take to shed light on a subject that is rarely addressed and left under the rug. She gave me the advice to break down the key components and what we face today and my generation. Colorism against teams in our black communities. Colorism demonstrates did we have black on black cruelties against each other. My main idea what’s the make a project that was personal to me and based on my experiences and the experiences of other teams. My global content is personal and cultural expression. I used this global content because I wanted 2 Express the feelings of black teens who are dealing or who have dealt with colorism. I could have used a different topic but I felt this would have a profane effect on the students. This is because most of them actually face these issues and some on a daily basis. I myself personally have experience colorism in my family because I am lighter skin so I became hated it baidarka skin family members because people what always call me pretty a beautiful. I grew up wanting to have darker skin because of my insecurities for being so light and I felt that it will be a hard life for me because people of my own race with treat me differently as if I was a Caucasian person. My goal of this project is 2 Open the Eyes of teens around the world. I would like to take a brief Journey Back to remind us about where we have derived from as a people of color. And 1863 President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation free in Black African American slaves. This led to the signing of the 13th Amendment which was ratified in 1865 that abolished slavery. Our ancestors began the Civil Rights Movement to fight for equality 2 see colored people have the ability as others. In the 1900s segregation was dominating the opportunity for blacks to have equal rights to live anywhere of their choosing to use facilities as whites because of the color of their skin. The NAACP activist likes Daisy Bates, Josephine Ruffin, Fannie Lou Hamer, Frederick Douglass, dr. Martin Luther King, Bayard Rustin, Harry T. Moore, Paul Robinson, Medgar Evers, and John Lewis played phenomenal Rose in the Civil Rights Movement to help desegregation for colored people. Civil Rights Act of 1964 gave African-Americans the freedom to dwell in the same schools work in the same job opportunities live in the same neighborhoods and equal rights for All American people. This Legacy and the contributions gave us our ability to have the freedom to choose today. Many blacks light skin Andorra skiing. Who took a stand non-violently so that the millennium age America can be given endless opportunities to make a difference be successful and contribute to the hard work of our ancestors. There were many dark-skinned frontrunners that may differences Against Racism for blacks and whites it is disrespect and challenge to see we have come so far to yet be so blind to the truth and realities That We Are One race. Dark skin, light skin, at the end of the day we are African Americans. We are to embrace I will culture, skin, Heritage and the journey that got us to be able to live to soar like eagles and to thrive in the same society as other races, other nationalities, and other Americans. The dream of dr. King has come to pass.

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