Coming in April, The Complete Magic Carpet Magazine Essay

Hot on the heels of their highly successful limited edition of The Complete Oriental Stories, Girasol Collectables  is going to publish all the issues of Magic Carpet in a similar, limited edition hardcover - Coming in April, The Complete Magic Carpet Magazine Essay introduction. As most folks know, know, the title changed name from Oriental Stories to Magic Carpet Magazine, and lasted another 5 issues, put out quarterly, before being cancelled altogether. Included are a couple of Robert E. Howard stories, and the only pulp appearance of Howard’s Red Sonya, who is featured the frontispiece illustration for the limited edition in an attempt at a more faithful rendition of the character — without the offending chain mail bikini.

Girasol will be ready to ship the Magic Carpet companion volume in mid to late April.  Pre-orders are being accepted and will make available for those those who purchased the Oriental Stories limited edition, their matching Limited Edition numbers at a pre-release special price. Complete details can be found at Girasol’s website.

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Coming in April, The Complete Magic Carpet Magazine
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