Comm 101 Ch 9,10&11

Abusing your rank or status over others by demeaning, humiliating, or exploiting them is called “rankism”.
Children whose parents use more confirming messages tend to have higher self-esteem and less stress
It’s impossible to honestly accept the other person’s point of view while maintaining your own position
When others confront us with attacks on our presenting self, we are likely to become defensive
The emotional tone of a new relationship is called the communication climate
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A communication climate has to do with the way people feel about each other as they carry out activities
Behavior that fits into Gibb’s category of “strategy” attempts to manipulate the other into doing what you want
A controlling message can be verbal or nonverbal
Whereas acknowledging others means you are interested in their ideas, endorsement means that you agree with them
Incongruous responses certain two messages that seem to deny or contradict each other
Messages shaping the communication climate of a relationship can be both verbal and nonverbal
When your respond in defensively to criticism, you can agree with the truth of what the critic is saying
Once a progressive spiral has been established in a relationship, it is likely to continue indefinitely
Defensiveness is often a self-perpetuating cycle
Communication climates are a function of
The way people feel about one another
“You are such a couch potato” is an example of what Gibb defense-arousing behavior?
“I know that isn’t going to work under any circumstances” is an example of the Gibb defense category of
The communication climate in a relationship is determined by the
degree to which each person feels valued
Evaluative language is also described as
“you” language
The elements of an assertive message are
behavior, interpretation, feeling, consequence, and intention
The most visible way disconfirming messages reinforce one another, as when one attack leads to another and another, is termed a(n)
Escalatory conflict spiral
All of the following are behavioral descriptions except
“your behavior tells me you’re angry”
All of the following are disconfirming messages except
using a problem-oriented approach
Cassie felt ignored because Jaime kept playing on his phone during their lunch together. This example best illustrates which type of disconfirming message?
“Rankism” best relates to which of these behaviors?
Intimacy can come from intellectual sharing
By definition, an intimate relationship must exhibit all four intimacy dimensions
Male-male relationships involve less disclosure than male-female relationships
Recent research has shown that men achieve intimacy through shared activities
Because men share less personal information and feelings than women, they are not capable of achieving the type of intimate relationships that women have
Emotional expression is the only way to develop close relationships
Some studies show that relational intimacy may develop more quickly through computer-mediated communication than face-to-face
One researcher concluded that close relationships “maybe the single most important source of life satisfaction and emotional well-being, across different ages and cultures”
IM-ing, blogging, Facebooking do not enhance intimacy in interpersonal relationships
Research shows that transgressors who have been forgiven are less likely to repeat their offenses than those who have not received forgiveness
Research shows that the most effective conversations about forgiveness contain two elements–an explicit statement of your thoughts or feelings, and a discussion of the implications of the transgression and the future of the relationship
The way we communicate in our families is shaped by our birth order
Labels used by family members such as “the smart one” and “the cute one” can create self-fulfilling prophecies
The way parents communicate with their young children creates secure or insecure bonds that have powerful and lasting effects
Research demonstrates that one family communication pattern isn’t necessarily more productive or satisfying than another
The text states that romantic partners who fear rejection and abandonment are likely to act in ways that increase the odds of their fears coming to pass. This example best relates to which concept from chapter 2?
self-fulfilling prophecies
Siblings who are ____ are often more extraverted and concerned with control than their brothers and sisters
When Marlina and Zach fight, they blow things out of proportion, interrupt, and yell. Their conflict style is most likely
Heterosexual women value their friendships with gay men because
All of the above
Which of the following statements accurately describes the research about “friends with benefits?”
These relationships are often problematic
Social psychologist Roy Baumeister makes the case that, on average, most people want ___ close, important relationships in their lives at any given time
four to six
All of the following are dimensions of intimacy except which one?
All of these are correct dimensions
Members of an individualistic culture like the United States
Act more familiar with strangers and disclose more personal information
Some studies show that computer-mediated communication
enhances verbal, emotional, and social intimacy in interpersonal relationships
The benefit of forgiveness is
All of these choices are beneficial
Research has shown that strong marriages manage conflict in constructive ways
Destructive fights often start because the initiator confronts a partner who isn’t ready for a confrontation
Conflict can exist on when both parties are aware of the disagreement
As long as one person in the relationship is aware of the disagreement, a conflict exists
The win-win approach to conflict resolution requires parties to reach a solution through compromise
When people express hostility in obscure ways, “passive aggression” occurs
Avoidance is never an effective conflict style to choose
In high-context, collectivist countries, avoidance and accommodation are considered positive, appropriate ways to handle conflict
Conflict is considered relational because it is determined by the way the parties interact with each other
Conflict rituals are not necessarily wrong until they become the only way relational partners handle their conflicts
The ethnic background of communicators is not a significant factor in their views regarding conflict
Controlling resources like money, staffing, and time in order to keep employees from being successful is a form of workplace bullying
Destructive behaviors included in the “four horsemen” described by researcher John Gottman are likely to feed off each other and develop into destructive conflict rituals
If both partners are willing, the collaborative win-win approach is very likely to be successful
Which of the following strategies is not recommended as a way to manage workplace bullying?
All of the above are recommended strategies
Which of the following is not an example of workplace bullying?
assertive language
Stonewalling sends a(n)____ message to the other person
Men are more likely than women to
be more competitive
In a survey of conflict views of college men and women, women were described as being
more concerned with maintaining the relationship during a conflict
A person who buys a piece of new furniture, finds it damaged, and says nothing because he doesn’t want to confront the retailer, is engaging in the personal conflict style of
When people deliver subtle aggressive messages involving feelings of resentment, anger, or rage that they aren’t able or willing to express directly, they are engaging in what psychologist George Bach calls
Conflict rituals are
unacknowledged but repeating patterns of dealing with conflict
all of the following are true about conflict, except
people typically have similar conflict styles
When Brody steered clear of Miranda after they had an argument, he was using what style of conflict?
Of the following, what is not a step in negotiating a solution in the collaborative conflict style approach?
All of these answers are steps
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