Commemorative Speech

Commemorative speech topics can cover a wide range of topics and even styles in which we may give a speech. Most of us, at one time or another, will be called upon to give a speech in commemoration of an event or individual.

A eulogy is a prime example of the type of commemorative speech many of us are (unfortunately) asked to give.When giving a eulogy, it’s important to bear in mind that it’s very easy to sway people emotionally at such a sensitive and difficult time.

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So we have to be careful not to overuse that ability, instead ensuring our use of words is appropriate to the dignity of the occasion.Take a look at this sample eulogy for inspiration, along with the accompanying tips to help you write your own.

Another event – for which you may have more leeway in the commemorative topic that you choose – would be a wedding speech.A wedding speech is typically delivered by

  • the best man
  • the father of the bride
  • or the maid of honor

and these speeches are generally given in the form of a toast.

Occasionally, however, other guests of the wedding may be asked to speak too. It’s also becoming more common for there to be a

  • father of the groom speech
  • mother of the bride speech
  • mother of the groom speech

If you are called on to give a wedding speech, it should be directed mainly at the bride and groom, although you should (of course) keep the rest of your audience in mind!As far as the topic of the speech is concerned, you have a lot of room to maneuver here. Try to choose one that fits the occasion as well as the personality of the married couple and you should be just fine.

And try your best to incorporate some (family-friendly) humor… everyone likes to laugh at a wedding.

Check out the links above for written examples of the different types of wedding speeches.Another form of commemorative speech you might be required to give is one associated with an historical date or momentous event.This could range from the anniversary of a store opening, to a significant historical event (such as the Gettysburg address or Pearl Harbor).You have a resonable amount of leeway in just how you present your speech and the angle you could take, but do make sure your words are in keeping with the spirit of the event.

Consider weaving a variety of emotions into your speech, or including a story either personal to yourself or your listeners.Depending on the subject of the speech, you may find it interesting to develop a timeline or perhaps to remind people of significant events surrounding what is being remembered, helping pull your audience into your speech and deliver it effectively.Just remember to ensure that you deal with a solemn subject sensitively, choosing your words with care.Choosing commemorative speech topics is fairly easy because the event generally chooses them for you.Use the tips given here to create a speech you’ll be proud of – and feel free to share the end result with visitors to this website!It’s always inspiring to read the writing of others! 

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