Common Misunderstandings of “Gun Control” vs. “Crime Control” Essay

The movement for stricter gun control in the United States would not permit civilian ownership of firearms - Common Misunderstandings of “Gun Control” vs. “Crime Control” Essay introduction. However, there are arguments that give a plethora of reasons that gun control is irrational and people should be allowed to own and use guns for recreational use and personal and home protection. Those for stricter gun control “if guns were not legal then there would be less killings and mass shootings”. There are many rebuttals to this statement. By making guns illegal it would just be taking guns away from a law abiding citizen. There will always be people who possess guns illegally.

Criminals will always be able to get guns to use for illegal activities. Secondly, guns do not shoot by themselves they have to have an operator to shoot; therefore a crime is committed by a person, not by the gun. Gun control activists may ask, “What is the point of owning a gun? ” The Constitution states in the Second Amendment that citizens should have the right to bear arms. This Amendment was particularly considered by the framers of the Constitution as a means of ensuring the citizenship the ability to confront oppressive governments.

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Common Misunderstandings of “Gun Control” vs. “Crime Control”
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If history is any teacher, we have learned one irrefutable truth, repeated throughout the years: power corrupts. A citizen’s right to bear arms to enforce his right to be free from tyrannical oppression was deemed to be fundamental by the framers. This truth is as true today as the day it was drafted. There are differences of opinions on numbers that are reported by gun control activists and citizens that are for gun ownership. Gun control activists would argue that 13 children die every day by a gunshot wound. This number is deceiving because it includes teenagers and young adults who are involved in gangs.

If we look at the statistics more closely, and focus on children under the age of 14, the number drops to 1. 7 children per day. If we take that number and eliminate the children that commit suicide, the number drops to 1. 3 per day. More children commit suicide by hanging and over does every year than by firearm. The other factor that gets overlooked is the number of children die a day by the use of an illegal fire arm? Just his week, Jonylah Watkins, a six month old little girl was killed in a Chicago gang related shooting that was intended for her father, a known gang member.

I would guess that the gang member who shot her did not obtain his weapon legally. Homicide is the number one in gun deaths of children. Accidental death is the lowest. Looking at the numbers from the CDC is 2007 there were 613 people killed by accidental gun shots, but there were 29,846 people that died by accidental poisoning. Accidental deaths can easily be prevented by taking precautions, especially in homes that have children. A gun safe is a good way to prevent children getting their hands on legally owned guns. There are also gun locks that provide safety too.

If a family chooses to hunt with their children there are plenty of gun safety courses available to instruct someone on how to use a gun and gun safety. The top five killers of children in the United States are motor vehicle accidents, fires, choking, poisoning and drowning. Guns are not even in the top five. If we are going to base outlawing guns on the death of children, we should outlaw cars, lighters, and of course pools. It would be ridiculous to make these things illegal, so why do so many people think it makes sense to make guns illegal?

If a person has a criminal history, I agree that they should not be able to own a gun. If those people try to obtain a gun legally, they will be denied. If they really want to possess a gun, they will find a way, whether owning it is legal or not. The person that will be hurt if we make guns illegal is the average citizen who desires to own a gun. Many people own guns for hunting and recreation, but many own guns for self defense. If the criminals would still be able to own guns, but law abiding citizens are not able to own guns, I believe the crime rates would sky rocket.

I am disturbed by the news when I hear there has been a school shooting. The killing is done by the deranged individual, not the gun. Drug dealers and people in gangs die every day by gun shots, but that is not mentioned on the news because it is common. A school shooting is not common so our news stations are flooded with coverage. The latest shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was horrific and hit me hard, because I have a sister in the first grade. I couldn’t imagine her and half of her friends being killed. When we look at the facts, we discover that the shooter, Adam Lanza should have never been allowed access to guns.

Adam Lanza was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, an anxiety disorder and he had a mother who exposed him to guns. In hindsight, all of these factors were not a good combination. This shooting was the second deadliest school shooting in the United States. The number one most deadly was the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007. Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and wounded 17. 28 people died in Newtown, most of them young children. In both of these shootings there were individuals close to the shooters that felt there were warning signs.

On April 19, 1995 Timothy McVeigh parked a truck containing a homemade bomb in front of the Oklahoma City Federal Building killing 168 people, 19 of those killed were children. This attack was the worst in the United States prior to 9/11. Timothy McVeigh did not use any guns, and yet more people died than at Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook Elementary combined. According to the Gun Owners Foundation guns are used 2. 5 million times a year as self-defense. This number is 80 times greater than the number of lives taken with firearms a year. States that have passed Concealed and Carry laws have seen a reduction in violent crime rates.

The Gun Owners Foundation also report that there are more high school students that die playing football than there are that are murdered by firearm. The Gun Owners Foundation did a study over a three year period and they found that 45 kids died from football related deaths and there were 22 kids were murdered by firearms. They also promote owning a gun for self defense. It is reported that 200,000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against an attack. Law abiding, gun owners use handguns to protect themselves, their family and their belongings.

When we think about the number of people that die by gunshot, we also need to take a look at the number of people that save their own life or the life of another with a gun. A gun is actually fined in less than 1% of self-defense cases. This means that 99% of the time, a criminal is scared away, just by the threat of a gun. “The recording of a 911 call made during a home invasion in Georgia reveals a chilling scene in which a husband coaches his wife — home alone with her twin 9-year old children — to shoot a determined intruder. ” (http://usnews. nbcnews.

com) Gun control activists the Second Amendment refers to a collective body rather than an individual. This cannot hold, because it would require a restrictive reading of the other amendments, such as the First or Fourth. In fact, in 1876 the Supreme Court held in the Cruikshank case that a private individual who violated another’s right to bear arms did not violate the Federal Civil Rights Act because the Second Amendment does not protect against private interference. They went on to say that the First Amendment doesn’t hold against private interference, either.

Our fore fathers felt that it was necessary to allow us as United States Citizens to bear arms. Guns are only as safe as the owners or as deadly as the owners. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If we take away the right for the citizens of the United States to own guns, we will only create more problems. Criminals WILL still be able to obtain guns. They are not obtaining guns legally right now. Therefore, outlawing guns will not change the criminals’ behavior. The fact is guns are safe when used responsibly.

If a law abiding citizen wishes to own a gun or guns, they need to do the right thing and take precautions to protect against accidents. Guns should be locked in a good, solid gun safe and should also have gun locks on them. Anyone within a household using a gun should take a gun safety class. There are many classes available at sporting goods stores, such as Cabela’s. A gun owner should always maintain the integrity of his or her weapons and keep them in good working order. I fully support the right to bears arms, just as our fore fathers intended for the citizens of the United States when they wrote the Second Amendment.

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