Common writing mistakes Essay

Common writing mistakes

            A personal essay is one of the essential requirements in a college application process.  It provides an opportunity for the applicant to express his intentions and plans for the next four years in college.  Good writing generally involves simple and clear sentence structure, which also includes correct spelling and grammar (LaRocque, 2003).  The essay should substantially show the intention of the writer and in this case, the applicant’s goals and plans during his college education at that particular university (Hahn, 2005).  The first paragraph should be presented as the strongest part of the essay, because this is the portion of the literary piece that will try to catch the readers’ attention.  The last paragraph of the essay should be able to summarize the entire message of the essay.  One common writing mistake is the employment of difficult words.  The usual result of such usage is detachment of the reader to the essay. 

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Common writing mistakes Essay
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A college application essay should be as concise and sincere as possible, and the admissions committee of the university would rather see the drive and interest of the student than the heavy dictionary words in the essay.  One should also be cautious of what to write in a personal essay, without putting one’s self at risk of not articulating well enough for the review committee to construct a comprehensive image of the applicant (Royal, 2007). Another common mistake in personal essays is the concept of building up the essay from one paragraph to the next.  This gradual intensification of a literary piece is only good for novels and short stories.  Personal essays should be short, concise and straight to the point.  Should each college applicant follow these simple rules in writing a personal essay, their applications would be considered more favorably.


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