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Human Love Expressed by God

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In his article Bernard Cooke states that “To say human love is sacramental, implies that it is a mystery of personal presence.” Basically what he means by that is, we rely on God in our relationships even thou we might not even realize it. The deeper the love or friendship is, the more God works on that and gives the couple his grace.

It starts out very simply when we meet the other person and actually like and enjoy being with them.

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Human Love Expressed by God
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That is the first sign of Gods work, of being together. Obviously if you don’t like somebody you are not meant to be together and there is no motivation from either side, which basically means: Lack of Gods presence. The second step to the whole mystery would definitely be staying together. Then we are being gifted with so many things from God and we can actually (when we get deeper) see his presence. Couples do not realize: What makes them not to fight or even if they do, what makes them resolve their problems quickly.

Which is definitely his presence. For example in my relationship of two and a half years, my girl got cancer. Normal response, without Gods presence, would be you’re sick get away from me. But for some reason I didn’t even think about that and after a long journey of a year and a half we were able to come out successfully. But at the same time while she was going to all the doctors, she was the only person I could talk to about my problems, and the advice she was giving me was amazing. The last step to this mystery is marriage, where we commit to spend the entire life with the second party. Right there at that spot, we know that God meant for this couple to be together and we also feel confident about his decision because we know that we will be blessed by his presence in both of the parties joined.

Human love is definitely a sacrament, which is expressed by God in his mysterious personal presence. It is expressed and present by couples self-gift to each other, their sacrament to each other, their children and fellow Christians.


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