Communicating Through Non-verbal Behaviors

Communicating Through Non-verbal Behaviors

My sister and I were alone in our home last night - Communicating Through Non-verbal Behaviors introduction. We do not have any important things to do, so I decided to call my friend just to have a little conversation with me and my sister. We have been friends for quite a long time so she’s the one I decided to call and talked to. Our conversation began when my sister asked me about the effectiveness of death penalty in our country.

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Communicating Through Non-verbal Behaviors
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Before the conversation had started, I am already slouching in our sofa. Even if we were already talking, I did not change my inattentive posture. Since I am just talking to my sister who is very close to me, we just had a very casual conversation.  I rarely establish an eye connection with her. I did not really pay too much attention. It is not being rude to my sister, but it is just the way how we talk and we are still comfortable with it. Whenever my sister will say something against my opinion, I unconsciously made some facial expressions that sometimes distracted her and made her forgot the next thing that she will say. Instead of getting annoyed, she just burst into laughter. After that, she started making her tone serious and it got my attention. I made an eye contact with her to know how sincere she was. Sometimes, if I am contradicting her ideas, I automatically put some strong gestures to emphasize my points. I also used my facial expressions as well. And it usually happens if I cannot verbalize what I want to say. I am using more non-verbal type of communication rather than verbal. Our conversation ended when my sister got something to eat for my friend who had just arrived.

While my sister was still in the kitchen, I also asked the same question to my friend. Because we have been friends for fifteen years, it seemed that she understands me more than what my sister did with regard to opinions. We had much more formal conversation. I nodded for her opinions that had jived with mine. Also, I often made an eye contact with her. I noticed that my nods and my eye connection with her made her more interesting with the topic and she had shared almost all her insights about it. Sometimes, we cracked jokes to ease the serious atmosphere. Our conversation stopped when my sister asked my friend and me to watch a movie.

I found out that when I am engaged to a casual type of conversation, I usually do not pay so much attention. I seldom establish an eye contact to a person where I am at ease to speak with. Another thing was my tendency to make unnecessary facial expressions that were not suitable for the situation. Lastly, whenever I cannot verbalize my ideas, my tendency was to put it on gestures. These non-verbal behavior’s weak points within me often caused distraction to whom I am speaking with. They paid much attention to my non-verbal behaviors. On the other hand, my strong point was putting right gestures to intensify my ideas. This really made me convincing. Through practice, I think I can improve my weak points and make my strong points better. I can just determine my progress if I will often ask those people whom I always speak with.

Our activity made me realize my strong and weak points. I think that this activity will be more effective if we will talk to somebody that we do not really use to talk with.

Non-verbal communications are very important to make our verbal communication more effective and alive. Whenever we speak, people give more attention to what we say rather than the non-verbal cues. But when people make judgments, they focus on both.

            It is very much important to learn the most appropriate gestures because we are sending more non-verbal cues than using words. It is also the major basis in creating impressions for those people who we just have acquainted.


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