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Describe Jims Self-concept: I feel Jims has low self-esteem, his perception of himself is an average student (Wood, 2014). With this outlook Jim probably feels that he can’t get or do any better.
Explain how both Jim’s self-concept and his father’s self-concept is impacting the interaction in either a positive or negative way using examples from the video.
I feel it is in a negative way because Jim doesn’t feel like he can do any better and his father isn’t helping him by saying I paid my way through college and you are getting a free ride (Wood,2014).

So they are having a hard time communicating because they both have a different perspective on the situation.
Explains all three components of the process of human perception to explain the situation between Jim and his father.
Selection is the first process, what we select to notice is also influenced by who we are and what is going on within us (wood, 2014).

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So in this situation Jim’s father is only seeing Jim’s grades and is not looking at the whole picture. And Jim is focused on the fact that he can’t seem to do any better and can’t see where his father is coming from.
Organization is the second process, in this process we have to select what is noticed and make sense of it (Wood, 2014). So Jim’s father needs to evaluate the situation and actually see why Jim’s grades are not up to his standards.
Jim needs to stop and think why his parents are upset with him and really look at what he needs to do to improve his grades.

The third one is interpretation which is an explanation of why something happened or why someone acts a certain way (Wood, 2014).
Jim’s father is assuming why Jim’s grades are poor, he thinks he is partying too much and not focusing on his schoolwork. And Jim is saying that he is studying, it is just too hard for him and he isn’t like his father who cruised through school (Wood, 2014).
Offers two tips for Jim and two…

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