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A Work and Communicate Effectively in an It Environment

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  • Pages 3
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    Assessment ICAICT202 Assessment ICAICT202A Work and communicate effectively in an IT environment Table of Contents Assessment Task 13 Assessment Task 25 Part 15 Part 2 – Questioning and active listening techniques6 Assessment Task 37 Required documents and equipment7 Assessment Task 1 1. Define the term ‘communication cycle’. The communication cycle comprises of: * sender * receiver * message * feedback 2. List the main responsibilities in managing IT resources within an organisation. Maintenance * Licensing * Tracking physical location * Appropriateness * Currency 3. Briefly explain why communication is an essential part of information technology. The success of an endeavour hinges on the ability to communicate effectively in today’s fast paced life, everyone is asked to do more with less. In such a scenario effective communication holds the key. http://www. publishyourarticles. org/knowledge-hub/articles/communication-skills. html 4. List two evolving IT technologies. Also provide your source of information. 1. Cloud Computing

    Required documents and equipment Part 1 – Develop procedures I have combined my response to the two questions, into a single answer. : Part 2 – Create a Fax Please use Link to Fax to view document/answer. Your task is to design and create a fax for the following scenario. You work for the All IT Computer Company of 66 Broadband t Lane BIGTOWN 2999. The Manager, Mr Johns has asked you to send a fax using the company letterhead. Mr Johns would like you to complete a fax from him to the manager, Barbara Smith, of the No Worries Computer Consultancy company. In the fax you need to include the following information:

    The Hewlett Packard scanners that No Worries Computer Consultancy was enquiring about are now in stock and are ready for delivery. You can include a price list with the fax (in this scenario this is already printed on one single page ready to go – do not make it up, just mention it in your fax). The fax content will ask which printer they have decided to purchase (if any) and what quantity they require. A copy of the fax needs to go to Mr Johns secretary, Sara Gillett for filing. No Worries Computer Consultancy is located at 66 Spent Street OAKVILLE 2230. Their phone number is 67424242 and fax number is 67424243. Mr.

    Johns would like a reply as soon as possible. The All IT Computer Company’s phone number is 68999999 and their fax number is 68999988. Part 3 – Create a Memo Please use Link to Memo to view document/answer. Mr Johns has asked you to send a Memo out to the following staff in the sales department – Ben Franklin,, Rita McKay and Macey Gray. The memo is to let them know the Hewlett Packard scanners are in stock and that they can request a price list from you. A copy of the memo needs to go to Mr Johns secretary, Barbara Smith for filing. In this task consider the following: Layout of the MEMO Correct placement of contact details

    All relevant content is included You have included details for the receiver of the message to make contact easily for further clarification, or to ask questions. Part 4 – Record a Message You answer the phone for a colleague called Bill Jackson who is not at his desk. What do you say when you answer the phone. The person on the phone is called Barbara Smith and she wanted to speak to Mr. Johns about a quote he had prepared for her. She needs to speak to him as soon as possible. Fill in the details of the call on the message pad below. Insert a tick in the last column where appropriate. Use today’s date and the time you are doing the exercise.

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