Communication Engineering Essay

Communication Engineering

At Swansea Metropolitan University, I am planning to enrol for BA program having majors in Communication Engineering - Communication Engineering Essay introduction. My plan for my project during my tenure at Swansea Metropolitan University is R.F.I.D[1] FOR communication purpose.

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Communication Engineering
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The R.F.I.D can be used for Bus Route Application, Inventory Application, Attendance Register, Security Application, and other communication purposes. R.F.I.D can be applied to any living or non-living thing which call for accountability.

You must have noticed on discovery channel that scientists used to attach a tag to animals and then they can monitor their location so that they can keep an eye on their activities and can study their behaviour. By the improvement in technology R.F.I.D’s are becoming popular, contemporary R.F.I.D’s consist of a receiver and a transmitter[2]. Transmitter does not require any power supply as it gets its power just from its antenna coil attached to it whereas receivers usually have power supply through batteries[3]. In my project, R.F.I.D will have a very low transmitting range and a very small antenna coil because my transmitter will have a range within few millimetres while receiver will have a display device may be an LCD and a data port from where data can be sent to the computer. Sophisticated receivers have real time clock with adequate memory to store the data and later on the data can be transmitted to the computer when its memory is full. Most of the commercially available R.F.I.D tags and receivers are expensive and it is very difficult for students to develop such devices. I am planning to develop my own R.F.I.D apparatus[4] by using scrap materials from laboratories and I am sure that I will succeed in this plan. Usually, R.F.I.D’s used for academic and personal purposes do not impose any threat to the privacy and security of any entity[5].


Radio-frequency identification

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[1] Radio-frequency identification
[2] Landt, Jerry, (2001)
[3] Wadham, Rachel, (2003)
[4] Cardullo et al. (1973)
[5] “American Libraries”, (2003)

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