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Communication IA Preface

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The following reflective piece will take the form of a Monologue, and the purpose of this is to understand fully what goes on in the mind of a psychopath. It exhibits his thoughts, ideas, plots and emotions, so you can relate to him. This piece will demonstrate effects of psychopaths on their relatives and society. This monologue is intended for audiences above the age of thirteen. As it contains violent and abusive scenes it may not be suitable for children under the required age limit.

It is targeted towards the general public to educate and warn them about the dangers and traits of psychopaths.

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Communication IA Preface
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This can be placed in local newspapers so it can be available for all citizens to view it. Social Studies SBA Method of Investigation I have decided to do a questionnaire in order to collect date for my survey. A questionnaire will help me to know whether the view I have on Juvenile Delinquency are true or not and if there are the same as the residents of my community.

The results are quickly obtained, it is easy to analyse data and it is cost effective. One of the main advantages of a questionnaire is that it guarantees of the anonymity of the person

Analysis & Interpretation The information given is based on the response received from the residents of Palmiste. Of the respondents interviewed an overwhelming majority that is 90% stated that males were the ones responsible for the juvenile delinquency in their communities, possibly because males are more likely to respond to situations with more violence and aggression than females due to certain factors related to their gender. ”The greater aggressiveness of the male is one of the best established, and most pervasive, of all psychological sex differences,” wrote Dr. Eleanor E. Maccoby and Dr. Carol Nagy Jacklin, Stanford University psychologists. Women rarely display aggression therefore, aggressive behaviour was viewed as a practise that was found to be more common among males. While females tend to control their emotions, males are more easily angered. In certain families males tend to be the main abusers to their children, spouses or siblings. More than half of the respondents, that is 60% stated that these delinquents are quite often from single parent families.

One can suggest that this usually causes children to “act out” as they are dealing with their parents separating or the fact that they may only have the attention of one parent. Single parenting affects children mentally, emotionally as well as psychologically. According to research done by Anika Doggett the least amount of communication and structure the family provides, the more likely the child will engage in delinquent activities. Peer pressure was stated to be the major cause of delinquency as 40% of the respondents stated as such.

This is a proven fact by the residents of Palmiste, San Fernando. Friends tend to have a great degree of influence in the lives of teenagers. If a teenager has no friends they are isolated and are made fun of. There is therefore a need among teenagers to be closely linked to their peers, even though the influence may be negative and one they know to be wrong. This proves that most of these juveniles were influenced by their friends to engage in these negative activities. Delinquent friends cause law-abiding youths to get into trouble. Children who fall into a bad crowd are at risk for delinquency.

Youths who maintain friendships with delinquent peers are more likely to become delinquent regardless of their own personality or the type of supervision they receive at home. Forty percent (40%) of the residents see Juvenile Delinquency as an act of engaging in criminal acts such as fighting, stealing etc. Similarly 40%of the respondents indicate that gang activities, stealing, defacing property and selling and buying drugs are all happening in their communities. They see these activities as acts of juvenile delinquency occurring in their communities and for them it is a great source of concern.

Juvenile Delinquency can have a great effect on the academic performance of the youths. In fact 40% of the respondents interviewed attest to this fact. A great deal of scientific research examines the relationship between poor school performance and delinquency. The direction of the causal link between education and juvenile delinquency is fundamentally complex. Early aggressive behaviour may lead to difficulties in the classroom. Such difficulties, in turn, may result in a child’s receiving unfavourable evaluations from teachers or peers. These, in turn, might result in delinquency. Equally, the fact that the child turned to delinquent activities could be an indication of whatever factors got the child into trouble with school authorities in the first place. The child may be reacting to whatever situations that may be disturbing them. The evidence is clear that poor school performance, truancy, leaving school at a young age and problems at home are connected to juvenile delinquency Thirty (30%) of the residents stated that the involvement of the school would be a great solution to help eradicate this problem of Juvenile Delinquency.

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