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Communication Style

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Communication Style

            Communication is what has set the humankind apart from all the specie of the planet. More interestingly, good communication can set professionals from the average performers. In this particular area of communication, the style should be prioritized.

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Communication Style
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            My communication style could be described as an assertive style of communication. I would want for my ideas to push through. However, I would still like to listen to the ideas of others. I find this communication style very effective when interacting with people in the school.

There are many activities in the academe that requires particular attention to communication. This is particularly helpful during class discussions.

Of course, things have their weaknesses. One weakness of this particular communication style is that I could get frustrated, and at times even depressed. On the other hand, one very positive aspect is that the assertive style of communication could convert a win-lose situation to a win-win situation. The assertive style, as mentioned earlier, enables me to push through my ideas.

In addition to that, the people that I’m interacting with are not intimidated. Through this style of communication, I could share my thoughts to the class. But more importantly, this style of communication helps me get through tight situations. The assertive attitude works like magic when I’m forced to say something even if I’m not that prepared.

            If I would be in an interview with an emotive host and a station manager who is supportive, I would display an assertive style of communication. I would assert myself to them and yet step on the breaks and by being sensitive to the flow of the conversation. With regards to the emotive host, I would try to lead the conversation to the host thinking that we could understand each other. In other words, I would like him to think that we are on the same wavelength. I would also prioritize being extra careful with my words. Emotive people could be easily hurt by words. Moreover, I would have to make my self appear as an attentive listener to him. If he is an emotive person, he may want for other people to listen to him while he is speaking.

            If I’m dealing with a reflective colleague, I would have to turn my sensibility up a notch. I would have to be extra careful with the words that I would use when conversing with him. Reflective persons are likely to be more sensitive with regards to words. To resolve the conflict with my colleague with a reflective style, I would have to use very powerful words so that they would echo and be retained in his reflective mind.

            All in all, being aware of one’s communication style and the communication style of others.  In addition to that, being sensitive of other people’s communication style saves us a lot of time that could have been wasted resolving or fighting through disagreements. In many sense, communication style could be a very effective tool, yet it could also be one’s worst enemy.

            There maybe many versions of communication styles. However varied these communication styles are, people just need to understand them. That is for people to utilize the full potential of communication styles.


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Company. 2008


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