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Communication Theory Paper

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    Running head: COMMUNICATION THEORY PAPER 2 Communication Theory Paper Name University of Phoenix Communication Theory Paper 2 Communication is an important part and concern in many organizations. With many organizations having such a diverse workforce communicating has an impact on how well employees, patient and family members interact together. Many communication issues arise due to the fact that there are many employees from different cultures and different genders. These issues have an impact on how effectively tasks are done within the organization causing concerns with family members, patients and even coworkers.

    The different individuals that are from different cultures and genders have different ways on which they communication. Their communication skills, language and sometimes body language impacts how well the organization does as a whole. In this paper I will explain the differences among these individuals, look at ways to improve these skills and offer recommendations to improve the communication skills with in the organization. Within the organization I work there are both male and female employees. Males and females most often do not communicate or understand communication in the same way.

    A female tends to talk more than males which makes the patients, caregivers and family members more comfortable. The females tend to have more knowledge on health care issues which helps them communicate more effectively and openly (Davidson, 1991). The female employees do not care which gender they take care of they are open with their communication skills no matter what gender the patient is. With males they sometimes do not communicate about health issues which make it harder for them to communicate openly with coworkers, family members and patients.

    Males normally will not start a conversation with these individuals but will talk or join in the conversation to be polite. Now with male coworkers and patients or family members they will communicate more openly depending on the topic. The males seem to be less open when it comes to female patients which make the patient feel uncomfortable sometimes. Females are already uncomfortable about having a male take care of them that by them being quite seems to make them more uncomfortable.

    Open communication between male employees, patients and family members can cause some concerns with the family member on how the quality of care is with their loved one due to them understanding and relating to the patient. This issue leads into another issue when it comes to the cultural difference among all involved. When individuals from different cultures work in a health care facility their communication skills have an impact on how much all individuals understand each other. Individuals from different cultures sometimes speak a different language, speak broken English or have a strong accent.

    With such a diverse workforce in healthcare the impact their communication skills have on coworkers and managers is not as bad as on family members, patients or caregivers. The facility has some coworkers and managers that are from different cultures so they tend to relate to their communication skills. However, for the coworkers and managers that are not from their culture they tend to stay away from or avoid communication with these employees due to the fact they can not understand their broken English, tone or body language.

    The different cultures have different ways of communicating so the individuals from these cultures are often misinterpreted. There communication skills have more of an impact on families, patients and caregivers. Many of the patients within the organization speak and understand English only. With the patients their hearing may not be that good which causes more of a problem with them understanding broken English. Family members have reported many times to the supervisor or administrator that “nursing assistants are speaking a different language when it is their accent that is so thick it seems they are speaking a different language (Parker. 007). With such a communication difference with the employees from different cultures and gender action needs to be taken so family members, patients, coworkers and managers do not lose confidence in these employees. With communication being an ongoing problem in the organization there is always improvements that can be made to help eliminate the problems. The first thing that needs done is to identify and have an understanding of which communication issues are causing the most problems. Managers and supervisors need to understand the skills and competencies of all the employees while respecting their ifferences and help each employee grow within the organization (). Once they have an understanding they can work together to help the employees having a difficult time effectively communicating with the coworkers, family and patients. By offering a variety of training sessions on appropriate language, listening tools and body language the employees can become involved to improve these skills. These training sessions will not only provide skills but will bring employees together more personally so they will relate to communication issues with the different cultures and genders.

    With having the necessary training sessions this will allow employees to make improvements in their communication skills to better benefit them and all individuals they face. These sessions will not only help them communicate better but will also help them understand the differences in genders and cultures and the way each communicates. Allowing these sessions will improve their skills and language to be a better communicator and listener. Having these sessions will help not just the individuals from the different genders and cultures but all the employees to become better communicators within the organization.

    References: Davidson, Eleanor. ”Communication with a diverse workforce. ” Supervisory Management (Dec 1991). General One file. Apollo Library. Retrieved on September 2, 2009 Du Pre’, A. Communication about health: Current issues and perspectives (2nd. ed) Boston: McGraw Hill Chapter 6. Retrieved September 1, 2009 Parker, Victoria. ” Communication Issues related to Accents, Tone, Body Language and Fluency. Gerontology & Geriatrics Education. (2007) Vol. 28 Issue 2, p37. General One File. Apollo Library. Retrieved September 1, 2009

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