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Communism Vs Socialism

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Communism and Socialism are two political systems that are focused on the treatment and equality of all members of the society. These terms are often used conversely, seeing as Communism was brought about from socialist ideas. Both systems believe in controlling capitalistic oppression and take control of the economy. However, there are very important differences between them. The differences lie in how they fight oppression and how much control is necessary to realize their goal.
Communism and Socialism both believe that Capitalism abuses the common people and results in an unfair monopoly of property, wealth and privileges.

Both political systems believe a new focus on society would replace the selfish drive of Capitalism. Be that as it may, Socialists see change coming through a gradual adjustment brought on by social change. Communists believe that the people should rise up against the oppressors and demand a total renovation right away. They believe that Socialism is merely the first step in moving from a capitalistic to communistic society.

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Communism Vs Socialism
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Once the socialistic changes take hold and the common people are strengthened, they will realize total equality necessitates more control.
The level of control for each of these political systems varies. Socialism, being more economically driven, believes in government, and collective control of all ways of production and distribution of goods. Private property, excess wealth, and unfair poverty would be abolished. These changes should bring about equality and cooperation. Communism believes it is the government’s responsibility to basically annihilate an upper class. This can only be accomplished by complete government control over everything. Communism, unlike Socialism, believes there should be no private property at all and all rights of citizens are equal throughout. They also call for government control of all communication, transportation, factories, agriculture, labor and education. This extreme authority and.

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