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Community Description And Data Interpretation

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    Kootenai County is located in Northern Idaho in what is known as the state panhandle. The county is 1310 square miles including over 70 square miles of water and 245,000 acres of National forest (“Kootenai County, Idaho”). Kootenai County boasts an excess of over twenty pristine lakes which is one of the many reasons this area is such a popular destination for national and international tourists. (“Kootenai County, Idaho”).

    Kootenai County was established in 1864, named after Kootenai tribe because it lies in the area of settlement of the tribe, present boundaries were established in 1915 after the formation of Benewah County to the south (“Kootenai County, Idaho”). Population and economic status assessment From an epidemiologic perspective, the current population of Kootenai County as of the 2010 census, is 138,494 which has had a 2. % increase over the last two years and continues to rise as evidenced by the birthrate in Kootenai County being 62 per 1000 residents and a death rate of 32 per 1000 residents along with immigration and population relocation (“Kootenai County, Idaho”).

    95% of the population being Caucasian with the second most prevalent race at 4% being of Latin/Hispanic dissent currently occupy Kootenai County and there are slightly more females than males (“State & County QuickFacts,”). Median household income is $56,808 annually with 12. % of households at or below the poverty level (“Kootenai County, Idaho”). 70. 2% of inhabitants own their own homes, whereas, 15. 9% are renting (State & County QuickFacts,”). Unemployment rate is 6% with the number of homeless individuals being 712 (“Kootenai County, Idaho”). 20% of Kootenai County residents are without health insurance yet preventable reported hospital stays were 33 which is below national average and have decreased over the last five years (“County Health Rankings,”). There is one hospital in the area, Kootenai Health which is located in the largest city n the county, Coeur d’Alene.

    There are various other medical facilities in the area providing access to care including mental health care and those with sliding scale payment services available (“Kootenai County, Idaho”). Cultural Assessment When citizens of Kootenai County were surveyed and asked the following question, what do you think are the three most important factors for a healthy community; the top answers were as follows: low crime and safe neighborhoods at 48%, good jobs and health at 47%, and finally access to health care weighing in at 42% (“Community Health Survey”).

    When surveyed regarding perceived risky behaviors in our community the top three answers were: dropping out of school, excessive alcohol use and finally lack of exercise (“Community Health Survey”). The last survey results to be discussed are the perceived three most important health problems in our community, with the results being: obesity at 49%, child abuse or neglect at 42% and lastly mental health problems ranking in at 34% (“Community Health Survey”). All of the above are relevant to the community.

    Kootenai County lacks severely in diversity as evidenced by the white population being almost the community entirety at 95% with the remaining 5% consisting mostly of Latin/Hispanic and Native American. The predominant age group is the 25-34 age range being 14% of the total population (“State & County QuickFacts,”). 36% of the community consider themselves Evangelical Protestants and the next most common religion in Kootenai County being the Latter Day Saints at 14% (“Kootenai County, Idaho”).

    Kootenai County residents rates there health score on a scale of 1-5 (one being poor and five being great) as a 3. 6, with that being said, 79. 4% exercised in the last month, 98. 6% drank alcohol in the last month, with 16% drinking to excess, 26% are obese and 20% smoke cigarettes. The above statistics are all equal to or greater that the national average (County Health Rankings,” 2013). Epidemiologically speaking, the incidence of diabetes has had a 40% in Kootenai County in the last 5 years (“Kootenai County Indicators”).

    The mentioned statistics show evidence for the applicable nursing diagnosis of ineffective health maintenance as evidenced by the negative health disparities listed. There are 335 registered sex offenders currently residing in Kootenai County and statistics suggest that crime rates are on the rise with a reported 11. 3% increase (“Kootenai CSO,” 2011). Drunken driving arrests have increased by 20 in the last year, drug and narcotic arrests have increased by 29 arrests in the last year and there have been 14 arrests for assault in the last year (“Kootenai CSO,” 2011).

    The above can lead one to believe that stressors in this community are abundant and that its inhabitants are seeking relief with drugs and alcohol and other illegal and destructive behaviors, which leads to a nursing diagnosis of ineffective community coping as evidenced by self medicating and violent behaviors. On a brighter note, with the abundance of pristine lakes, numerous camp grounds, mountains for skiing and snowshoeing, hiking trails and National forest land, there is an abundance of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year round.

    Neighborhood and Community Safety/Disaster assessment and planning Kootenai County has a health department that is involved in health services and provides pertinent information to the public. There are many government links to resources such as emergency food and water supply, disaster supply kits, flood preparation supply tips and fire safety. There are disaster mitigation plans available through the county which follow federal guidelines. Air quality in Kootenai County is significantly better than the national average, however, radon risks are higher than average (“Kootenai County Air,”).

    Lead levels in this community are also low, being just 1% of homes effected (“Scorecard”). Below the national average, 8% of Kootenai County’s surface bodies of water have reported problems (“Scorecard”). With the abundance of lakes and rivers and the lack of trained lifeguards available, there is potential for drowning and along those lines, with the four seasons that Kootenai County boasts, there is potential for adverse weather events that come with very high or very low environmental temperatures.

    There is a very low risk of earthquakes or hurricanes in Kootenai County. There are several older communities in Kootenai County which are not provided with safe walking conditions such as sidewalks or sidewalks that are broken and misshapen. This is a potential safety hazard. Waste disposal is adequate, however, recycling and transportation services in this community are lacking. Conclusion The genogram that is to follow will help summarize all of the information than has been provided with the exception of the nursing diagnoses for Kootenai County.

    They are as follows, ineffective health maintenance which is evidenced by the negative health disparities seen such as the high incidence of obesity, 40% increase in the new diagnosis of diabetes in the last five years and the incidence of tobacco and alcohol use. Another relevant nursing diagnosis that has been presented is ineffective community coping as evidenced by crime rates such as assault, drunk driving and drug abuse being on the rise. These destructive activities could be used for self medication in times of trouble or need.

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