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Wage Discrimination and Comparable Worth

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  • Pages 8
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    Comparable Worth

    I see comparable worth as an illegitimate device that derails the labor from achieving fulfillment from their employment. I believe the person would always worry about their job performance; the use of fear as a motivator is inappropriate and detrimental to production and morale which I feel could affect safety as well. One could argue that if a person does their job well that they should have nothing to fear at time of review. Again this is a problem, the evaluator is human and is prone to mistakes which can only court a one sided view, the company’s mission; profitability. This makes the labor look irrelevant and or a lesser component of the business which creates the businesses profitability by creating products and or services. State, national or even sector comparisons do not serve the general labor market, but works well within the private sector because there is a free flow of money that lures quality workers that make quality products and or provide professional services. I disagree that the market is fickle, if it is a good product and the market share is more than thirty percent, profits will maintain and or grow under the right leadership. The real elephant in the room is the growing gap in executive and middle management, as well as general labor. The even sadder part to this is the war for the sexes that still seems to be proudly waved in board rooms and stock rooms across America; except minimum wage.

    Minimum wage does not discriminate about one’s sex and or education level if one is hired. However it does discriminate as to the real value of the labor force that provides the true elbow grease as well as the blood that drives this great country. Minimum wage does not give any human a standard which to live by, it merely affords enough substance to survive until the next check. A check that does not represent anyone’s true value is nothing more than indentured servant wages, because at the end of the week and or month when the next check comes in, there is usually nothing for most Americans that are not getting by, even after working hours upon hours to feed their families and paying bills. Comparable worth cannot be seen as a subjective and applicable means as to addressing and assuring a fair dollar amount for services rendered for a multiple of reasons, the biggest being that there must be a standard to base it off of. It is my personal opinion that the Federal minimum wage is not a standard nor is it suitable for comparison when creating such a comparable in any sector. One’s education, hands on training, are subjective as well when determining the actual amount to be paid for a specific job. While a low paid employee works in a hazardous environment but turns out quality work, doesn’t guarantee that the employee with a higher paying job is more professional and will be less absence from work.

    If no real fair comparison has been determined then how can a fair amount are agreed upon when assembling a comparison and or market analysis of job description and pay? The side bar joke however is also the icing on the cake, the general public allows this type of discrimination by the officials which they elected and do so cheerfully, while the elected officials are courted and spanked by lobbyist. Which is yet another detrimental factor in assuring the general laborer will never receive a fair wage for services rendered. With deals done in the late of night and under the table, how could one hope for a fair wage for those affected by greed, power and the effects of poverty? A union is the means of a beginning to lessen the clear and growing gap that exists in capitalism’s bossism. No nurturing or the needed attention will mend the disparaging gap that is growing by the year, but it will better the communities and the local economies which the company is a part of and has a social contract with. The case study doesn’t give you a new approach, it is a two dimensional (employer – employee) approach to a multi-dimensional gold mine if approached as such. New and innovative ideas that create better employees and improve communities are needed. As companies move from resource to resource it would be in the best interest of the company to invest within the community so it can refurbish and repair itself after a company leaves the community. But, this has not been the norm of business and communities that are decimated after a company (ies) leave for greener pastures and cheaper labor including the resources of the local community.

    The most glaring would be a defined budget, including open lines of communication that would ensure the free flow of information to better analyze the findings and scrutinize the overall costs and time it will take to implement the massive undertaking to correlate and understand the gathered information. I would inject that we need to look at hospitals that are close to size and employee count and occupational field like that of Twin Oaks. This comparison would compare the years of working and education levels of the employees to compare with the national level. I would frown upon any union entering the premises until management and the department heads had time to fully analyze the comparable report. Prior to or after the initial report, I would suggest to Mr. Bledsoe to speak to the union representative to understand the costs and possible pitfalls the company could come across and or go through and how it would be best to address them to assure a smooth and seamless integration.

    This meeting would be publicized so to create trust with the labor. The hidden problem however is time, something that is not a resource and an enemy to those that miss the proper market entrance and or other market trends. The time it would take to initialize, gather, edit, disseminate, evaluation and execution would place Twin Oaks further behind the eight-ball with labor and its attempt to lessen Twin Oaks exposure if a Union were introduced as the solution. Twin Oaks would have to evaluate and hire, from within, board members that would have to attend meetings during and after work hours. The officers would have to understand both positions of the employer and employee. While this is occurring, the elected officers of the employees or union will seek to drum up membership and human resources may become over inundated with payroll requests from new union members, as well as legal notices and procedures that must be followed to ensure a binding agreement between Twin Oaks and Union members. During this entire set of events, time will move on and the mounting costs will also. One of the other painful statements would be the implementation of software and mechanical labor to lessen the exposure and cost of Twin Oaks, while possibly cutting the hours and or possible job of an employee. These measures are the norms of business and usually do occur in today’s modern and technological businesses that are designed towards automation which will one day lead to the final removal of the human factor that warrants a fair wage and fulfillment from ones employment. In a sense it is a direct comparison of classical conditioning; Pavlov. If the laborer is content and happy with their pay and there are possible future advancement opportunities.

    Then, one can easily surmise that, in relationship to Pavlov, the laborer would be predictable in a controlled environment and prone to higher productivity if rewarded. Knowing this I would seek to put Twin Oaks on path that would possibly cost a little in the initial years but lessen the impact of change as other companies would be left to catch up to our innovative and resourcefulness to approach customer satisfaction by addressing our employee’s needs to assure a team member that they are an important part of our mission goals. This very approach would show thought of professionalism and happy nature of the employees; the face of the company. The largest and most noticeable challenge is negating the loss of time and turning the lost time in to a learning and career enhancing event that helps not only the company but also the employee that is also new to the new pay system and or guidelines that are to be used in the new evaluating system just enacted. Lost time can never be recovered and must be used, planned for in order to be avoided and filled with other eventful measures while implementation is afoot.

    The flow of communication is paramount in the entire process and must flow freely to evade unforeseen events and or possible learning problems (figuring out a problem not mentioned in training and applying new, old and other unique remedies to resolve and or provide a means to an end). Other areas of concern would really depend on the structure of compensation. The structure that a company uses for compensation should reflect that company’s philosophy and it is this that helps the company to determine the policies and guidelines that are put in place. These policies and guidelines are used as a structure for the company’s expectations and the way for the employees to carry out the company’s mission. The employees of the company are more likely to manage their performance with the company’s goals without the need for huge actions and rises of red tape when the company has strong principles. If employee’s values are different from the company’s this will become a problem because they will not be able to work towards a common goal and will eventually affect productivity.

    When pay systems are used they should reflect the company’s true nature, values and ethical beliefs of the company and by doing this it could protect the organization against violating an employee’s civil rights. Pay is important because of its effects on employees and on account of its cost; organizations should plan what they are willing to pay employees in each job. Having an approach that is not planned to where each employee’s pay is separately assigned could result in unfairness, dissatisfaction, and rates that are either too expensive or so low that positions become difficult to fill. Organizations therefore have to make decisions about two types of pay structures which are job structure and pay level. Job structure involves the comparative pay for different jobs that are within the organization.

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