Comparative analysis of different editions of The Time Machine

Comparative analysis of different editions of The Time Machine [?]
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The question that needs to be answered in the paper is: `How does an object’s historical and cultural context affect its meaning?`
My objects are: the first edition of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells published in 1895 and a current edition of The Time Machine published in 2001.
The directions are: Examine and analyze your object in relation to the specific historical and cultural contexts it first appeared in. In short, place an explanatory “frame” around your particular object, accounting for its different versions by making recourse to historical and cultural information about its moment(s) and place(s) of production. You will write an essay setting out what your
research has uncovered.
Use both online and print resources in some combination. Finding out something about the original moment of your text’s production will be required, though you do not have to concentrate on that particular edition or format. Give a short history of the production or publication of your object. In order to contextualize the two versions, you may have recourse to some secondary materials discussing your text, online exhibits, digitized facsimiles, etc.
You will also need to locate a current scholarly debate about your object. How might the debate shed light on your object’s status as an artifact? Can you find a way to bring your bibliographic analysis of the two versions into relation with the scholarly discussion of the text?
The paper needs two primary sources, which are the two different editions of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, and six secondary sources. Thus, a total of eight sources/references. I will also need a copy of the sources that are used in the paper.
Thank you so much for you help!

One way to fulfill this inquiry would be to select a text or other object in some historically distant form (perhaps its “original” published form or some other interesting older or different form) as well as a more recent one. For instance, think about a Victorian illustrated edition and a modern trade paperback of the “same” story. (Is it the same story?) If looking at a book, you should pay particular attention to things that English classes usually leave out—what one could call the object’s “paratextual” materials. These may be elements of material design, production value, and apparatus: notes, biography of author, introduction, cover blurbs, jacket, etc. Describe the two texts and discuss their differences from each other. How are they and are they not the same “book”? Such questions could easily be adapted for an illustration, painting, poem, play, novel, speech, map, textbook etc., from two different time periods.

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