Comparative Analysis of United States Army Recruiting Minorities and Corporate America Recruiting Minorities

Comparative Analysis of United States Army Recruiting Minorities and Corporate America Recruiting Minorities

    This essay relates to the different approaches that the United States Government is using in order to forward what it thinks is for the best interest of the nation - Comparative Analysis of United States Army Recruiting Minorities and Corporate America Recruiting Minorities introduction. Ways and Means that are unlikely to occur in a country whose strength is solely buttressed by the motley tenets of democratic ideals and liberty. This will tackle on the different issues and problems that minorities are always subjected to and the many controversies and not so good scenarios that minorities are most of the time being placed to.

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Comparative Analysis of United States Army Recruiting Minorities and Corporate America Recruiting Minorities
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     This essay also will try its best to unseal and reveal the grievances of minorities whose state of existence in this country are always being threatened by the normally biased allocation of opportunities and chances that seems reserved already to the other segments of society, not only in the field of soldiering but more so on the chances of acquiring a place in some of the biggest corporate establishments in the country.

One of the biggest problems the Bush administration nowadays is facing is the lack of new recruits who are willing to be enlisted and be part of the country’s Armed Forces particularly in the Department of the Army. The reason for this problem is perhaps illuminated in the everyday violent and brutal scenarios that are quite visible in countries where America is staging its war against the universal problem of terrorism- Afghanistan and Iraq are the most notorious of these countries.

     Deaths and the uncertainty of acquiring the final victory of these wars are apparently some of the very reasons why most youths especially among the white population are opting to become passive of joining this so called international crusade. They inclined to finishing their high school and collage degree with the hope of working in the days to come to some of the country’s biggest corporate establishments-sparing themselves from the pit of a violent war which is not of their own making.

     Nevertheless, this does not deter the government from extending into the civilian populace its hardened belief that it is the role of the state to stick to some thing which it considers necessary for the preservation of freedom and liberty not only for the nation itself but for the entire world in general. And because of this a lot of policies and laws have been passed in order to forward this doctrine. There is the so called quota system, the no child left un-recruited law and other methods that the government is promulgating- many of them are even in the position of subverting the individual rights and freedom of every citizen. Some of these policies are not only applied in the military sector but is reaching even to some of the country’s biggest corporate establishments.

Nowadays, the practical application of these policies can be seen moving, especially in the Department of the Army thru the effort of the many recruiters whose sole function is to get themselves in to the different schools that are sprawling along the many cities in the country.

These people are targeting minorities especially African- Americans and Hispanics for the simple reason that most of these people are somewhat easier to convince and recruit compare to the other ethnic groupings. Most of them can be found in schools where the tuition is much cheaper compare to other educational institutions and they are giving more priority on students whose opportunity of getting into collage is somewhat beclouded because of financial reasons, considering that most of these people are living in substandard living conditions, a situation which is being utilized by these so called recruiters, luring them by giving them promises, like a lot of benefits they are going to receive once they got recruited, in an article in the Socialist Worker on line, entitled “The lies recruiter tells”. It exposes the many lies that recruiters are using in order to assure themselves of getting a lot of recruits. The most popular lie accordingly lies in the promise of bigger educational assistance from the government if in case they desired to go back to school after completing the required number of years in the service. Normally, this lie about educational financial assistance will, surely lured students in accepting the demand of the recruiters, especially by those who are really dreaming of having a respectable profession someday.  Another lie also, that is revealed in the article is the promise that recruits can opt out of combat, because accordingly there is a no war clause in the contract. And yet once you are already there, the truth will come out. There is no such as “Can Opt out Of War” thing. One good thing about these recruiters is that they are very professional in the performance of their work. They are so good in mingling with the students and the school officials of the school where they are assigned to.

They even acted sometimes as councilors to students who are in need of assistance in order to improve them, but sad to say that they are merely selling their persons to  in order to attract attention and interest not only from the students but also from the entire school in general.

Another tactic that is being used now by these recruiters is taken from the law which is called the “No Child Left behind Act”. This law is one of the most controversial since it authorizes every recruiter to collect all the personal data of the students of the school where a particular recruiter is assigned. Data like names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information which are purely private. Aside from this, the law is authorizing the Department of Education to suspend all Federal Financial Assistance to every public school who failed to observe this law. Meaning every Public School who denied every recruiter the opportunity to access the files of every student enrolled in a particular school.

One specific example that gained popularity was the event that occurred in Vermont. It was even published in the website of the Mother Jones Publication. The article was entitled “No Child Un-recruited” and it related the event that happened in the School of Mount Anthony Union High School in Barrington, Vermont. There the school administrator is accepting recruiters to come and even invite them to participate in job fairs and career days, but not to the point of giving away personal students information. The conflict started when the recruiters are already asking about all the necessary information of all students that are enrolled in the said school. Naturally for the school administrator, she denied them their request and told them that what they are asking is a gross violation of the Student Privacy Law. What happened next was the one that really caught the school principal aback. The request of the recruiters was not an illegal one but is part of the law which authorizes the Department of Defense to acquire such information.

All these for sure are gross violations of the right of every student especially toward the ethnic minorities who are the main focus for this activities instigated by the so called recruiters. There are a lot of groups who are really opposing this kind of practice. A lot of student groups are launching a lot of campaigns and rallies in protest for this law, because for them it is tantamount of trampling their individual rights. What complicates the issue is that the government itself together with the connivance of several private corporations enters into a certain practice that can be clearly defined as utterly insane and apparently displays a certain kind of paradox to what it claims most of the time.

This kind of practice clearly shows that the government is already losing the confidence of the majority of Americans, especially among the youths. It implements bad laws and programs which purpose is for the mere sustenance of a war that is so unpopular among the family of nations. A war whose grounds are still beclouded by the motley colored mists of controversies.

Another controversy that is hounding America nowadays is the article that was published in website entitled “Transferring Cost of War to Latin America is Morally Wrong, Politically Wrong”. The article declares that America having gained a lot lessons during the Vietnam War, is now in the position of hiring other nationalities by going directly to countries whose economy are still suffering from hardships and difficulties, with the sole purpose of letting these people do all the dirty works that the country is now gotten into. The purpose for this accordingly is to lessen the casualties and the grievances that might fall upon the American Nationals. The article even revealed that good for the country, there are a lot of recruits that being hired but the sad part is that most of these recruits are former soldiers whose background when they were still actively serving for their respective countries are embroiled by different accusations of gross human rights violations. Nevertheless, this is not really surprising if we are going to considering the fact that America is quite notorious in this kind of action. During the 60’s, 70’s, and going down to the 80’s and early 90’s, the country is not hesitant to support rogue regimes as long as their interest for those countries will not be put into jeopardy. So, it’s quite fair to say that the country is too insolent and shameless in declaring itself as the prime guardian of Democracy and Freedom and yet on the other side of the coin it practices the reverse.

What happened now in the country’s system of recruiting someone to join the army is a manifestation of the disillusionment and distrust that most Americans are having nowadays to the present administration. They feel that they are being cheated and tricked in supporting a war which consequences are still too blurry to see. It’s not unfair to say this because the reason why these kind of recruiting practices are emerging is due to the fact that many in the Armed Forces are complaining about the decreasing number of recruits compare to pre- Iraq and Afghanistan conflict. We cannot blame the people especially the youths themselves if they are going to deny the offer of the many recruiters who are visible almost in every school in the cities, especially those which are receiving assistance from the Federal Government. They’re merely afraid and scared.

Actually, the recruitment policy of the Army is somewhat comparable to the recruitment policy that is now being put into practice by some of the nation’s biggest corporate companies. The fact that most corporate are now in the inclined to hire someone from the minorities is a trend that those minorities who are highly educated, professionals, and highly qualified graduates are already given the chance to work in companies that previously biased towards them. Though it is inevitable to hear that there are companies also who are complaining, but these are quite understandable and the issues that are involved are not as drastic compare to the previous decades. Some of these involved communication skill; some accordingly are quite unprepared when they are exposed to a certain interview. However, minor problems though they are, still they can affect the confidence level of the minority applicant. The best way for the government is perhaps to expose first these highly qualified ethnic minorities first to programs which can help them in preparing themselves, a kind of program that will give them some hints with regard to the culture and language that is being applied by the company where they want to apply. America is truly a country of having multiple personalities. On one side it propagates and disseminates the idea of freedom and liberty, equal opportunity for all, respect of individual rights and everything that is truly democratic and pluralistic in nature. These are the reasons why many people are really dreaming of coming and choose to stay in this country. But sad to say that on the other side it is doing the reverse, exact opposite that what it preaches, and this is also the reason why there are some countries and people who are keeping some grudges toward America.


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