Comparative Governmental and Administrative Systems

            Most developed countries share common ideas on how to improve the state of their countries and that of the fragile countries that are still developing - Comparative Governmental and Administrative Systems introduction. Governmental regulations, policies and administrative systems tend to stipulate the same concept. In this report the comparison between the governmental and administrative system of US and Germany will be used as a reference.

            Both the US and Germany governmental officials have an obligation of serving their countries to fully protect the human rights of their citizens, peace in their countries and in the world. However, the two systems have failed because the legislation in their constitutions legalizes the trade and possession of arms by the public. Therefore their aim of protecting human life is in conflict with their rule of law (Hofhansel, 1999).

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Comparative Governmental and Administrative Systems
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            The two nations also have similar power structures headed by a federal system which comprises the legislature that formulates regulations implemented in the country, the judicial which solves disputes, interprets the constitution and executes orders to nullify unconstitutional actions and the executive which comprises the head of the government. However, the US system comprises congress men while the Germany system comprises federal parliamentary representative. In Germany the head of government is the Federal Chancellor while in US it is the President. Unlike in US where the judicial system is dependent to the federal system, in Germany it is an independent body (Pollitt & Bouckaert, 2000).

            The policies and regulations in the constitution of the two countries is the source of the conflicts in the governmental systems. For instance the American Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the US gives the citizens authority to bear arms in an attempt of seeking security and prevents the authority from formulating legislation against these rights. However, this regulation contrasts with the United Nations (UN) activities which campaign against the possession of arms by the public because crime rates, accidents and suicide attempts have increased. Germany is amongst the world biggest arms exporters especially to the developed world. Despite the government formulating policies to regulate their export business, many arms find their way to their citizens and residents of the developing world who are more vulnerable because of the number of conflicts in those countries (Hofhansel, 1999).

            Human rights activities, church leaders and the society are among bodies that fight against ethnic discrimination. US has also played its part in trying to eradicate this phenomenon, however racial discrimination is still rampant in the country because of the activities that lead to racial profiling of the minority. In contrast Germany is among the countries associated with racial discrimination. The governmental agencies have not played their part in curbing this mishap as violation of human rights and freedom of expression is exorbitantly depicted by the treatment accorded to foreigners and dark skinned Germans (Pollitt & Bouckaert, 2000).

            The government is an essential body in the development of any country as it stipulates law and regulations that govern the community to maintain order and peace in the country. The governmental agencies of the two countries have ensured democracy prevails by being the government of the people, by the people and for the people through the constitution which includes the needs of the people. Through their governance they have also protected their countries and helped them to financially grow improving the economic status and the welfare of the society (Pollitt & Bouckaert, 2000).

            However, the society does not highly regard the governmental system of the two countries as they seem to have forgotten their obligation. Self interest has made the government system to indulging into scams, scandals, discrimination, abuse of human rights and other acts that are against ethical and human norms affecting the welfare of the community, economy of the country and the political stability of the country (Pollitt & Bouckaert, 2000).

            From the above it is evident that the faith accorded to the two governmental system in the past has decreased as a plethora of complains from the society hit the news headline almost everyday as the quest of being ruled by more reliable and dedicated individuals is increases.

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Reference List

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