Comparative Novel Task - Holes by Louis Sachar

Comparative Novel Task – Holes by Louis Sachar

Stanley Yelnats IV Flow Chart

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Comparative Novel Task – Holes by Louis Sachar
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Elya Yelnats IV falls in love with Myra Menke

Stanley Yelnats IV finds a pair of shoes on the road

He is convicted of theft

He goes to Madame Zeroni for advice

He finds a lipstick tube and gives to another inmate

He is given a piglet and advice on how to treat it

He meets Hector

Goes against the instructions and a curse befell him

Breaks the curse of his family after he helps Hector climb the mountain and gives him water from the stream on the mountain

He marries Myra and they travel to America

Discovers the wild onion farm which they ate for several days

He gets his first son

They goes to dig in the hole he finds the lipstick tube

Kate barrow steals his chest and he lost his fortune

They discover the chest containing the name Stanley Yelnats on the face

Stanley’s father discovers the odor eliminating substance

The warder convicts them for theft

They are found innocent and released

The counselors are found to be wanted criminals

The warder gives her identity as Charles Walker’s descendant

He builds a house for his family

Kate Barlow’s Flow Chart

She steals from Alye Yelnats

She gets a school house

She falls in love with Sam

They are found kissing each other by Charles Walker

She makes Sam to repair the house

She is found by Charles Walker who orders her to give him her loot

She turns down Charles Walker as her suit

The school is burned down and Sam is killed

She kills the local Sheriff after he failed to intervene

A draught befall the lake after the death of Sam

She is bitten by the yellow sported lizard and she dies

In Louis Sachar’s Holes novel, both Stanley Yelnats IV as well as Kate Barlow experience tragedies by being subjected to suffering caused by events that are beyond their control - Comparative Novel Task - Holes by Louis Sachar introduction. For example, Stanley has inherited a curse from his great-grandfather due to the grandfather’s disobedience (Sachar, 2003). Moreover, Stanley is taken to jail for a crime he never committed. Further, he is imprisoned at Green Camp. Furthermore, while in court, he is convicted of having stolen a chest – bearing his name – which he dug up.

Similarly, Katherine Barlow is forced to love John Walker. This concept is evident when Walker finds her kissing her love, Sam. Consequently, Walker arranges for the school to be burned besides killing Sam. After killing the Sheriff, all the people start saying that Barlow kills the people after kissing them. Later, Charles Walker arms himself so that he can take all her possessions.

            Of the two characters, Stanley is luckier. This is because he manages to get his luck back after removing the curse of the family. When in prison, he procures the chest containing all the legal possessions of the Yelnats. Afterward, after release from prison, Stanley turns out to be a rich person who changes the life of his family. He also finds out that his father had invented the odor- repelling substance on which he had researched for his entire life. The major reason that makes Stanley to appear as luckier than Kate Barlow is because after stealing the wealth, Barlow does not use it. Rather, she naively hides it.

In the story, both characters lead almost similar lifestyles. This concept thus proves that both of them are lucky in their life. To illustrate, at first, we meet Kate who acquires the possessions of Stanley Yelnats 1. She then goes ahead and acquires a house at the school and starts to sell the spicy peaches whereby she meets Sam – her love – who is an onion seller. She also meets Walker – a rich man of the Green Camp – whom she denies his suit.

On the other hand, we meet Stanley Yelnats 1V – who is unjustly indicted for stealing a pair of shoes. While in jail, he meets his fortune when he digs up the treasure chest that his great-grandfather lost to Katherine Barlow. Stanley also gets out of prison after he is found not guilty regarding a crime he did not commit. After moving from prison, he comes to know that his father had discovered the odor-repelling substance that he had pursued for his entire life.

Conversely, Kate’s life is not characterized by more good luck than Stanley’s. This is because she does not find good time to spend her fortune though she acquired it earlier. After falling in love with Sam, Kate does not get time to enjoy such love because Sam is murdered after the lovers are discovered kissing. After Charles Walker finds her, Kate is bitten by the snakes. Later, she dies before using her fortune. Both Stanley and Kate share their luck because Kate acquires the same money which makes Stanley rich.

Conversely, the unlucky events that befall the two characters are that, when Kate finds love in Sam, her lover is killed before Kate becomes acquainted with him. In addition, after hiding for a long time, Kate is bitten by the snakes before she spends her wealth. On the other hand, Stanley is unlucky since he is arrested and is later found guilty for a crime he had not committed. Further Stanley is jailed.


Sachar, L. (2003). Holes.


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