Comparative Public Sector Administration

Comparative Public Sector Administration

I had been working for a pharmaceutical company before I decided that I was not working to the full of my potential - Comparative Public Sector Administration introduction. I was the junior manager of the research and development department of the organization. I was answerable to the research and development department head and my responsibilities included ensuring that the employees were satisfied and newer ideas kept flowing into the organization. With the amount of time I spent in the organization, I learned that both my responsibilities were interrelated. Meaning, if the employees were satisfied, newer ideas kept flowing into the company and vice versa. This positive relationship was very critical to understand and I realized that the responsibility of ensuring that newer ideas kept flowing into the company depended on the first responsibility of ensuring that the employees were satisfied, therefore my main focus was on that.

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I would not say that my management style was one of a kind, but I would say that it was very effective. I managed the employees of the research and development department so well that the employees were highly motivated to work harder and develop newer products. On the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid that was proposed by them in 1985, I would say that I would have gotten a 6 on task (x axis) and an 8 on people (y axis). If I plot this point on the graph, this point would lie closer to the team leader style of management.

I have given myself a 6 on task because I made it a point to make them feel that the task is their problem and responsibility because then only the organization would achieve long term efficiency. At the same time, I did not completely abandon the task. I ensured that the goals were met but the emphasis was on the need for the employees to want to meet goals and not having to force them.  Some people might argue that 6 is too low a figure on the scale of 1 to 9 in order to keep getting efficient results. However, I would disagree because during the time spent with that organization, I learned that if the manager concentrated too much on the task only, the employees or subordinates start to feel that they are being exploited which as a result de motivates them. This de motivation is highly responsible for lack of efficiency and effectiveness. I would not give myself a 9 on task because I realize that this is an extreme which can only exist in theories and the only reason that this extreme is there on the grid is for understanding and comparison purpose.

Next I have given myself an 8 on people because I realized the importance of concentrating more on people than on the task because of the reason mentioned in the beginning. If the people under the manager are satisfied, they would be motivated to increase efficiency and effectiveness. I understood the people I was working not as their manager but as their colleague with and ensured that my subordinates were happy. I heard their problems and helped them come up with solutions for them. Besides this, I used various strategies for instance, if someone did a good job, he was appreciated which increased his self esteem and hence he was wiling to put in more effort to get that feeling more often. I would not give myself a 9 because as with task, I believe that a manager who is placed on 9 on the people’s axis can only exist in theory. It cannot be applied in an organization because that way of management is not practical.


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