Compare and Contrast Essay

Many people would say that living on campus is the “full college experience”; however, many commuters have said that they think that they are living college to the fullest as well. Each college student has their own opinions on which type of style they prefer. Both types of college experiences compare and differ in multiple ways. Commuting, and living on campus can be similar yet so different at the same time, and truly depends on what type of person you are and what fits your life.

Commuting is where a college student does not live on campus; they still live at home with their parents.

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Compare and Contrast
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Where being a resident means you live on the campus of your school. Most of the time when you commute you have to drive to school, but when you live on campus you can just walk to all your classes. To some people it is a lot more convenient to just hop out of bed and walk right to class, instead of driving and going through the hassle of looking for a parking spot.

Many new students claim that they would much rather live on campus just too finally have freedom. They finally have the chance to branch out, explore and meet other people.

Where others would prefer to live at home because they think that they will be able to focus more on their studies as well as save money. If you commute your life still pretty much stays the same, you get to see your family and old friends still all the time. When you live on campus it is an completely different atmosphere, you get to meet a lot more people. For majority of incoming college freshman living on campus is the first step to independence. For example I am eighteen years old and I never did wash until I came to school. Living on campus just gives you the real chance to grow up.

There is not just difference between commuting and living on campus there are a few similarities as well. No matter what if you decide to do whether it means commute or live on campus you are still receiving the same education. Even though you meet more people when dorming, you still make friends in your classes when you commute. Another similarity is working hard. College is a lot different than high school, and no matter where you are living you have to buckle down do your work, and go to all of your classes. Maturing is also a big aspect of starting college, when you start ts still like being in your high school years, you really need that chance to grow as a person and find who you truly are. In conclusion Commuting and living on campus can both bring positive outcomes in your future. They have some aspects that are completely different, but still have some similar. On what choice you make really just goes with where you are exactly in your life. For example, if you are really attached to your family, or are in a long term relationship sometimes it is a lot harder to leave. Whereas if you don’t really have any strings attached to anything back home it is a lot easier.

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