Compare and Contrast Application Softwares

Compare and Contrast Application Softwares

            NVU, pronounced as N-view meaning “new view,” is a software created in counterpart of Dreamweaver, which are both used in making web pages and managing sites - Compare and Contrast Application Softwares introduction. This software was specifically designed for Linux Desktop, MS Windows and Macintosh without the hassle of learning HTML. Dreamweaver, one of its major rival, enables users create sites using advanced HTML and CSS codes.

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Compare and Contrast Application Softwares
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            The Adobe Creative Suite, or popularly known as the Adobe CS, is a compilation of Adobe’s applications like the Photoshop and Acrobat. PowerPoint, a part of the MS Office, is an application that uses customized slides for presentations. Flash player is the software used to play videos, enable interactive graphics and settings and enables computer games work. It also supports 2D and 3D effects.

            NVU’s primary strength is its easy-to-use web editor which is almost the same as of its competitors. It uses simple commands and doesn’t require expertise in web-based lay outing. Hence, due to its simple requirements, its capacity to do layouts is as well simple and does not provide optimal professional results. Dreamweaver, on the other hand, is integrated into various web development features and supports JavaScript, ColdFusion, PHP and Cascading Style Sheets, to name a few of advanced functions. Yet, despite its varied integrated application, the software only functions with Windows XP and Vista and Mac Operating Systems.

            Adobe CS series has been shaping the fruitful future of digital media. Its strength is that due to the continuous advancement of technology, CS softwares continues to soar and develop. It advances with technology and technology somewhat advances with and because of it. CS is being widely used for private, commercial and professional purposes. Also, for organizational websites, authorized members can edit or update the contents anytime and need not to wait for technicians or site maintenance in-charge do the updates all the time. However, due to its extensive file extensions, other features may not be accessed by some users. More so, due its fast-paced advancement, Adobe CS is not user-friendly to users belonging to the third world countries, computer illiterate, old computer systems and or those with no further software tutorials.

            The popularity of the MS Office increases everyday as users, from students to professionals utilize it everyday. Comparative to other applications available for presentation use, PowerPoint is the easiest one to use and readily available in all computer units. But, due to its minimalist format, users cannot maximize the creativity of creating presentations compared to other programs like the MovieMaker. Still with regards to making presentations, Flash is another famous program being used. It maximizes the use interactive effects on presentation and it is the primary software used to enable interactive backgrounds on sites, chat boxes, videos and computer games such as the world wide famous online games available on web browsers and social networks. Additionally, due to the massive files compressed or used to create the videos, games and such, Flash has an enhanced hardware acceleration that  makes it function faster and perform better. It is commonly free of download. Sounds good? Apparently, this software also has pitfalls. For computers with low RAM capacity, even with the installation of Flash would do nothing to enhance the programs run through it and still would not be able to perform best.

            A good use for NVU is its utilization. More users can do better with NVU as it does not complicate the steps of creating websites. Dreamweaver is best used for intermediate and professional levels who want to optimize and further on the details of creating sites. Adobe CS, which developed from a series of CS creations, is the best tool for having various files. No matter range of file type is being used, this collective software will be able to have them processed and accessed. PowerPoint is the handiest in creating presentations. It also is the most user-friendly, without having the need to work on with the commands and everything that needs a more elaborated tutorial to use the software. Students who are just starting their computer lessons will be convenient using this. Lastly, as technology develops with the society, specifically with the on-line based materials, Flash is widely needed. On-line applications and games are fast becoming more famous than yesterday. Without Flash, these “internet attractions” will come to a stale state and on-line materials will start to diminish.

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