Compare and contrast essay - Part 6

            The entire history of Roman civilization features several significant changes in terms of governance.  It started with the Roman monarchy, which was later abolished.  Then the epoch of the Roman Republic was ushered in.  The Romans also experienced dictatorship under the reign of Julius Caesar.  The latter two is more prominent in world history than the first one, and it is interesting to compare and contrast the two kinds of rule.  So how does the Rule of the Republic differ from Julius Caesar’s dictatorship? - Compare and contrast essay introduction.? How are they alike?

            The Roman Republic is under the governance of the Senate and the assembly (Hooker, 1996).  The power of government is also delegated to different officials.  The consuls are those who “initiated legislation, served as the head of the judiciary and the military, and served as chief priests to the nation (Hooker, 1996).” There are also proconsuls, which unlike consuls, have extended terms.  Quaestors, on the other hand, are responsible for the nation’s finances; meanwhile, there are also praetors, which is a military-related post.  Lastly, there are censors, those who deal with the taxation of citizens.

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            Julius Caesar’s dictatorship is another story.  “He did nominally use the political structure (McManus, 2001),” but the practice was different.  For instance, instead of being elected, he appointed most officials.  The Senate was undermined too, even if he did enlarged it (“Historic Figures,” n.d.).  According to McManus (2001), “he often simply announced his decisions to the Senate and had them entered on the record as senatorial decrees without debate or vote.” Therefore, unlike in the Republic when power was distributed, the dictatorship gave Julius Caesar monopoly over power.


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