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            The Color Purple, is a movie was about a long detailed report of a certain family and a woman who sought strength to succeed over life’s travails because of love, and later finds out her unparalleled voice - Compare and contrast movie actress introduction. It depicts about a holding on to our faith, our hope and in believing that love defines everything; it brings healing to those who needed it much and it also exposes the reality of life that should be abundant, prosperous and joyous.

            But what I liked in the story was that it showed the optimism of a woman. A woman named Celie, who is portrayed by Oprah Winfrey; an illiterate 14 year old girl. During her adolescent years she was always teased as being ugly and people always insulted her for her looks. It was only God where she expressed everything she felt and wrote in into letters, it was her only her way of expressing herself. . She decided to remain quiet and invisible so that people would not notice her and ridicule her again. Who she thought was her father impregnated her twice and abused her sexually. After that her children were taken away from her saying that they are already with God. Then, after that she was forced to marry a widower who at first was very abusive with her, she then had many struggles between her sisters, her husband. Due to the things that happened in her life she lost her relationship with God but with the help of   Shug, who she befriended.

            Not like my girlfriend who grew up to be always praised by people because of the beauty that she has. She was also educated since the day she was born. During her

adolescent years she has many friends because she was accepted by everybody and that everyone loves her. Although my girlfriend did not experience the horrible incidents Celie did, my girlfriend on the other hand experience some travails in their family but not like Celie she did not lose her faith and relationship with God. In fact it grew deeper knowing that God is always with her amidst all crises happening in their family.

            Celie changed a lot, because there was a time when she advised a man not to abuse the woman, and started telling to women to protect themselves against their abusive husbands. While my girlfriend just advised her mom as well as her siblings, in a calm manner to understand her father for their family to not be broken.

            Celie became unforgiving because her heart was full of pain and hurts. She sees everyone maligning and maltreating her as evil. It even came to a point that she wishes them to die. Not like my girlfriend, the long-suffering that she has makes me want to love her more. Even though some people hurt her including me there will always be a room in her heart to listen and forgive. I could not remember a time that she yelled at me and there was never a time where in I saw her in rage. She kept herself very composed.

            Finally, it came to a point in Celie’s life that she rekindles the faith she has For God amidst those years of abuse she experienced. It was because of love that she learned how to forgive, making those wounds heal. In the end, her sisters were reunited and she eventually reconciled with her husband. My girlfriend has never lose her faith to God ever since. Even if she was tossed to and fro by circumstance she still clung on to God whatever happened to her.

            Celie’s realization made her into a joyous, self-governing and contented woman. Celie’s chore which was sewing turned into a successful business. Through the years of

abuse, she is now finally bloomed into something that people was surprised of, she is finally satisfied and is able to provide for oneself even without other’s help at all. She learned how to stand on her own feet after many years of silence and being passive.

            Celie and my girlfriend have a lot in common on the other hand. They are both fighters, they both stand for what is good and never let anyone be discriminated and be harmed. They are both a strong woman in their own way. They both love their family so much. They both have God at the end of the storm and have kept the relationship strong thru the trials and circumstances they have experienced. They have won it all, all the travails that came their way. They are both winners in their own way. Lastly, the sufferings they have undergone through made them what they are now, a better and more mature person. A person molded and shaped by the storms that came their way. All of us exist because of different reasons and purpose. To develop ourselves, we should express everything, what we feel and what we think even though sometimes it is too risky to voice out everything. We should bear in mind that everything happens for a reason. All travails that we experienced are just one way to strengthen us and make us closer to God, bringing us into a deeper relationship in Him.


“Color Purple”. New Standard Encyclopedia. Volume 2. Pages 236-237.

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