Compare and Contrast Three Hostels in Perth - Cost Essay Example

Nowadays, back-packing travel is more popular - Compare and Contrast Three Hostels in Perth introduction. They like creating their own tours and stay in a budget hostel. This report will compare three hostels in Perth, Australia, namely, YMCA Jewell House (YMCA), Witch’s Hat Backpackers (WHB) and Betty Lodge (BL), with respect to their location, price, facilities and entertainment. First of all, there are some similarities and differences of the three hostels with regard to their location and room prices. Both YMCA and WHB are situated just a few minutes’ walking distance from the Perth City Center. However, BL is located approximately two kilometers from City Center.

In addition, the costs for a private double room in both YMCA and BL are slightly more expensive with AUD 77. 80 and AUD 72, respectively. Moreover, WHB has cheaper price with AUD 45. Secondly, the three hostels have some similarities and differences in respect to the facilities. There are some facilities all of the hostels offer such as lounge area, washing machine, tour information desk. Furthermore, WHB offers air conditioning and self- catering facilities but the others do not. Finally, the entertainment of three hostels is slightly different. All provides 24-hour Internet.


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Despite, it is difficult to find other things to entertain in YCMA, the other hostels have many kinds of entertainment such as games room, pool table and especially the swimming pool for the tourists to enjoy and relax. In conclusion, both YCMA and WHB have a convenient location but the price in YCMA is the highest. Although BL has a variety of entertainment, its room cost expensively. In comparison with YMCA and BL, the price in WHB is cheaper and it also has many sorts of entertainment and modern facilities. Therefore, Witch’s Hat Backpackers might be the best choice for tourists to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

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