Compare and Contrast Two Insurgency Campaign - Comparison Essay Example

Compare and Contrast Two Insurgency Campaign

(An Outline)


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I.                   Apache Insurgency led by Victorio:  a threat to Western settlers in 1865 to 1898.

A.        Its success was evident in his use of surprise and speed as tactics; his strategies made him to spread terror and destruction on his enemies.

B.        The failures on the part of the Americans to subdue the tribes was due to some reasons:

1.        Americans’ poor relations with the people

2.        The lack of coordination among the military departments and various government agencies

3.        The military stagnation and slow development to become modern force

C.  Americans’ imitation of Indians’ tactics made them to end the insurgence.

II.                Insurgency in Kuwait: A US convoy in their participation in Iraqi war

A.        Success on the part of the American was known due to its tactical communication and highly advanced biological bomb.

B.        Despite highly trained personnel and advance-computerized weapon, failures occurs during the execution of the507th.

C.        Failures were due to the following reason:

1.        Unfamiliarity of the soldiers with the whole war area

2.        Lack of communication that alienated them from the rest of the troops

3.        Lack of coordinated support from the troop

III.             Overall Importance of Tactical Success

A.        It provides renewed vigor and morale among the soldiers.

B.        Tactical success is usually connected with the strategic objective

C.        It emphasizes the elements of deep fragmentation and momentum.

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